Sunday, November 9, 2014

Montreal Olympic Stadium

I'm reading Nancy Drew Files 14: This Side of Evil. Nancy goes to Montreal, and George makes a big deal about visiting the Olympic Stadium.

I did a little research. The Montreal Olympics were in 1976. The Nancy Drew book was published in 1987, which is the year that Montreal finally built the roof to the building.

That's right. It took them 11 years to get the roof finished. In fact, it took them 30 years to pay for the entire place. It is currently used by no one, and repair costs are high.

I suspect that the Olympic Stadium will come into play at the end of the book, just because it's been mentioned 3-4 times so far. Specifically, George is really excited to use the stadium's amazing track.

Hold it, George! This is 1987! During that time, the Olympic Stadium was turned into a somewhat mediocre baseball stadium. You can kind of tell the building was not designed for baseball.

There is kind of a track inside the stadium, and kind of not. I'll let you know if George ends up running on it. According to the book's back cover, which spoils the entire story, George is going to be kidnapped in order to lure Nancy into a deadly trap. So I'm guessing George's trip to Montreal won't be one of the highlights of her summer.

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