Wednesday, October 1, 2014


I support the local hockey team, the Portland Winterhawks. They're a pretty good team, and they won the championship four years in a row now.

This season has had a particularly painful start, as they have lost all five of their games so far. But mainly, it's been painful because the little kid in the seat next to me yells constantly, in a very obnoxious voice. If that kid is there for one more game, I'm buying noise-cancelling earphones.

Somewhat humorously, he threatens to "not go to bed until midnight", if the team loses. I guess that's a pretty serious threat in his household.

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Katie Nelson said...

Lol poor...little kid he has to go through all that pain when the team loses :'( Michael on the other hand is being a big rotten meanie and taking his anger out on a little kid. D,: LOL jk