Friday, October 17, 2014

Three Things Friday

1. I hear you readers loud and clear. I will make a Master Sleuth walkthrough for Nancy Drew: Labyrinth of Lies! I want to play the game a few times before recording, so my walkthrough will be crisp and professional. (I also want to try a speedrun because, oh my gosh, this game is fun.)

2. I'm done with programming my Sherlock Holmes game! This means I need beta testers to play through the game and let me know if any errors come up. I'm not sure how to find them. Maybe I should just post the link on Twitter and ask if anyone wants to test it out. But can they send me valuable feedback with a character limit?

The game is made up of four cases, so it'd be nice if I could get four people. I'd give one case to each person.

3. Last year, I played Haunted Halls 1-3 for Halloween. They released a fourth game, so I want to post a walkthrough of it for this year's Halloween. The walkthrough is already done; I'm just wondering when to post it. Before or after my walkthrough for Nancy Drew: Labyrinth of Lies? I don't want to miss the Halloween deadline, so it might be safer to post it before.


Anonymous said...

YEEES!!!!! PLEASE, post the next Haunted Halls first! I can't wait to see it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Ornery Doofus said...

I would like to be a tester, if you are taking volunteers! I will try my best to dispense pragmatic and useful feedback!

lence said...

Nancy Drew - thank you for that decision. The blind is just for fun, it's nice to see you play for the first time. However the 'official' walkthrough is important (to me :) ). The things I value the most in the 'official': easter eggs and awards, your comments on history or some fun facts about the game/how it was made or just some interesting comments on things I haven't noticed, pointing out hard bits (like - 'you need to click in this exact spot to trigger 'x', etc), putting in some outside video snippets (hopefully one with some dancing unicorns ;)).

Katie said...

I'd love to be a beta tester if there is a spot available. Glad you like LIE. It's now one of my favorites! My all time favorite Nancy Drew game is SSH, so it's not a surprise I like LIE! (you can contact me if there is a beta spot at shiregirl at gmail dot com)

pam said...

My daughter and I would love to beta test your game. We are in love with your walkthroughs, and we watch you every day!!