Friday, October 24, 2014

News - SCU Health Care

My old college, Santa Clara University, has been having big debates over health care. You see, Santa Clara is a Catholic school, run by Jesuits. Last year, the Jesuits announced that they were getting a new health care plan. The new plan more closely follows Catholic teaching, and unlike the previous plan, it doesn't cover optional abortions.

My Facebook feed got messy when the plan was announced. Half of my friends shouted that women have a right to have abortions, no matter what. The other half shouted that abortion is murder, and it should never be allowed, no matter what. No compromise was reached.

The health care plan goes into effect next year. But this week, California Governor Jerry Brown stepped in and declared that all health care plans in California must cover abortions. No exceptions. So that makes the debate at my college null and void, more or less.

I wonder if the university will re-hire the staff members who quit their jobs in protest. Or if different staff members will now quit.


Katie said...

Hopefully they'll fight, because the law is wrong.

Anonymous said...

I think abortion is wrong, even if the baby wasn't"supposed" to be here it's still a life, and they at least deserve a chance at life. If you can't tell I'm really passionate about this. #SaveTheStorks
P.S. Please help the foundation Save the Storks at
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D

Paige said...

I think that the law is fair. Your employer shouldn't be able to make health decisions for you (ie prevent you from making a decision one way or another, by knowing that you couldn't afford the care without insurance help). We don't allow Scientologists to keep their employees from using insurance when getting mental health medications, which they don't believe in. The same principle applies. Nobody is saying anyone HAS to get abortions in any situation, only that your boss shouldn't be involved in that decision. It should be a choice made with your doctor and your family, the people who really care about you and the impact such a decision would have on your life.