Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Dick Tracy

Dick Tracy finished its storyline with Little Orphan Annie. It turns out that Dick and Annie weren't really in the 1940's. They were on an island, where an evil man named Axel brainwashed everyone into thinking it was the 1940's. Basically, it was like Professor Layton 3, where the villain convinced scientists that they travelled through time, in order to force them to build a giant killer robot.

In this case, Axel was forcing a farmer-scientist to build a giant bomb. Still, I have to ask, "WHY BOTHER PRETENDING YOU TIME-TRAVELLED?!". If your goal is to force a scientist to build a bomb, hold him at gunpoint or kidnap his wife or something. Better yet, Axel, brainwash him. You've already proven you can brainwash people into believing anything you want. Why don't you brainwash the scientist into working for you? That should be much easier than brainwashing him into thinking it's the 40's.

Axel brainwashed everyone using a radio show. The story was pretty unclear on how this worked, but this makes me further question Axel's plans for world domination. Dude, you can brainwash anyone, by playing something on the radio! Why do you need a bomb to take over the world? Simply brainwash everyone into making you the leader of the planet! Again, that should be much easier than brainwashing people into thinking it's the 40's.

Oh well. The story is over now, and Annie can rest in peace. Dick Tracy appears to be going forward with a cowboy story. Yeehaw?

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