Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Deadly Device Speedrun

A couple months ago, I submitted a speedrun for Nancy Drew: The Deadly Device to Speed Demos Archive, the main speedrunning website. After a lot of processing, my run is officially up for public verification. Yay!

Basically, this means anyone can watch the run, comment on it, and recommend whether to accept or reject the run. After two weeks of this, the website's official person goes over what everyone said, then makes a final decision. If it's accepted, great! I'll do commentary and post it on Youtube. If it's not accepted, fine! I'll still do commentary and post it on Youtube!

"Public verification" is a bit of a false name, as you have to have an account with Speed Demos Archive before you can review it.


Anonymous said...

You cant post a sppedrun without their verification???

Michael Gray said...

There would almost certainly be a lot of cheating, without the verification system in place.