Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Dating Game

This is a Nancy Drew fanfic my fiancée wrote in May. I keep meaning to read through it / edit it.


Tag Line: "Who will Frosty pick? Will it be Miwako, Yumi, or Takei?"
Announcer: Bob
Bachelor: Frosty
Bachelorette #1: Miwako
Bachelorette #2: Yumi
Bachelorette #3: Takei

Bob: Welcome to Arglefumph's Dating Game! Where love is in the pixels and ships are made. Episode #1 Nancy Drew Trail of
The Twister Meets Nancy Drew's Shadow at the Water's Edge. My name is Bob and I will be your host tonight. Thanks for
joining us folks. Let's meet today's lucky bachelor Frosty. Frosty come out and introduce yourself.

Frosty: Thanks for having me Bob, it is an honor to be here today. You folks in the studio audience might remember me from
such fabulous games as Nancy Drew Trail of the Twister, and uh, that's about it. I am a photographer by profession and a
gentleman by choice. I hope to find a lovely lady that loves excitement and traveling to mundane Midwestern locals.

Bob: Thanks Frosty. Now let's go over the rules. Our bachelor will be introduced to 3 lovely ladies, and will be allowed
to ask them all 3 questions each. Then the tables turn and the girls will each be able to ask him one. At the end of the
question and answer portion, our bachelor will pick one lucky lady to go out on a date. But that's not all! She will also
win $10,000 and HER Interactive upcoming Nancy Drew game. But there is a catch. Our bachelor will not be able to see any of these ladies until he makes his choice.

Now let's bring out our lucky ladies:
Presenting Bachelorette #1 - Hi my name is Miwako. I run a successful hotel and uh, dismiss rumors.
Presenting Bachelorette #2 - Hi my name is Yumi. I run a more successful bento shop and let strangers into my apartment.
Bachelorette #3 - Hi my name is Takei. I teach traditional Japanese classes and I can teach you a thing or two sonny boy.

Bob: Ok Frosty what is your first question?

Frosty: Ok ladies: What is your favorite food and what would you feed me, if given the chance?

#1: I love plain rice and cold tea, but for you Frosty, I would make you plainer rice.

Frosty: Sounds, very plain.... Ok #2

#2: Frosty I would serve you the tastiest bento box, which would take me a full hour to arrange after much frustration. From there I would let you spoon feed me hot sauce at the empire state building.

Frosty: Sounds hot, #2. Going to be hard to top that #3.

#3 Oh my. Well I am a simple woman. I only like candy and that was all was to offer you, Frosty-san.

Frosty: CANDY! I LOVE CANDY!!! Oh #3 feed me candy.

#3 Oh yes, Frosty.

Bob: Ok kids, simmer down. Frosty, Question #2

Frosty: Ladies what are you wearing right now?

#1. A practical hotel uniform of course. It isn't haunted at all I can assure you.

Bob: Number #2

#2. A short fabulous dress that I designed myself.

Frosty: Sounds hot, #2. Going to be hard to top that #3.

#3. Oh my, well I am a simple women. I am only wearing a simple robe.

Frosty: What?! You simply scandalous woman.

#3 Oh yes, Frosty

Bob: OK Grandma keep it clean, middle school girls could be watching this.

#3 Yes, Bob-san

Bob: Last question Frosty, make it a good one.

Frosty: All right ladies, describe your ideal man.

#1 - uh a woman.

Bob: Awkward, #1, very awkward. Remind me to fire Michael after this.

Michael: What?! Ah...

Bob: Ok, #2
#2 - I want a submissive man that will support by ambitions and send cute avatars to me.

Frosty: I kind of like that. #3 going to be hard to beat that.

#3 Oh my. Well I am a simple women and I prefer pursing creative activities together that involve painstaking precision
with a high risk of failure.

Frosty: I can't wait to do some high risk creative activities with you #3

Bob: Ok ladies, time to turn the tables. #1 your turn to question Frosty. Remember you only get one, so make it a good

#1 Ok Bob. Frosty: I have a certain, pest problem at my hotel -

Frosty: Did you say pest?! As in mice?! EEEEEEEE

#1 Never mind Frosty.

#2 My turn! Frosty: Are you scared of mice?

Frosty: Uh no, a big tornado chasing photographer like myself afraid of mice? No way.

#2 There's one by your chair.

Frosty: EEEEEE!!!

Bob: Knock that off #2. Ok #3 Your question.

#3: Frosty I like a man who is helpful. Do you often give directions, like what to put in a disaster kit?

Frosty: In fact I just did that in my last game.

#3 Oh my. Pardon by blushing.

Bob: All right Bachelor it is time to decide. Which lucky contestant will it be today? Will it be #1, #2, or #3?

Frosty: Well Bob I think it should be obvious, contestant #3 stole my candy heart.

Bob: Is that your final answer Frosty?

Frosty: Uh, of course it is Bob.

Bob: Ok ladies, come on out.

Frosty: Oh my contestant #3, you are so young and perky.

Bob: That is contestant #2 Frosty. Contestant #3 is her grandmother.

Frosty: Uh hi......

#3: Yah, I am kind of disappointed too.

Bob: That's all for now folks. See you next time on: Arglefump's Dating Game!


Anonymous said...

I must say this is amusing. :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, once Bob said he can't see them I was like OH NO HE'S GOING TO END UP WITH TAKEI!!!! Then I started laughing! ;P

Katie Nelson said...

Ikr!!!! Lol that's exactly what I did!!! XD

Katie Nelson said...

This is hilarious, I must say. XD