Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Wedding Reception Stuff

The prices for Wedding Receptions are ridiculous, and they charge for a bunch of stuff that I will not use.

  • $35 (per bottle) alcohol, along with two $20 bottles, per table. That means each table gets to drink $75's worth of alcohol. Why is it mandatory to get everyone drunk?!
  • Three votive candles per table. Clearly, these wedding people don't know that "votive candle" means something different to Catholics. And we coined that term first. Like, over a thousand years first.
  • Cake tasting. Screw that! I want to have a cake, not a cake tasting!
  • Organic coffee. If you want coffee, there's a Starbucks down the road.

All prices come with a 13% free, an 8% fee and an 8.75% fee. That's about 30%, if you add them all up. But if I wanted to rip people off, I would make them compounding fees. I'm not business-savvy, and I thought of that rip-off technique, so it's a safe bet all the wedding reception places have thought of it, too.


Paul said...

You know what you should REALLY do:

Skype wedding. Live on YouTube. No money down, AND you can probably put ads on it!!

(You're welcome.)

Anonymous said...

Or you can go with Katie's idea and elope in Vegas.

Anonymous said...

We had no alcohol at our wedding, just fruit punch, & coffee & tea. No DJ or band, we played pre-recorded music on a stereo. Our reception was in the church hall room. Not fancy, but it was big had a/c and we decorated it ourselves. We had a restaurant we liked cater the food & the guests ate buffet style instead of being served. We had a cake from a bakery, no cake tastings first. Lots of people seem to use cupcakes now instead of a wedding cake. I think a reception can be as casual or as formal as you like. It depends on the couple & the budget. We wanted to save our money for our honeymoon & to save for a house. Happily married now 26 years!

Katie said...

Weddings can be simple and beautiful. I highly recommend researching options for very simple weddings. Save your money of your life together!

Anonymous said...

I say don't have a DJ. Just have an ipod playlist and save money on that!

edward nortan said...

I must say all that wedding reception stuff is so costly, and yeah even we also had to pay for it even if we were not used their stuff. It’s quite ridiculous thing. In my party we didn’t drink and they charged us per person.