Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Number 4

I'm trying to help the five-year-old write correctly. She has a bad habit of writing 2, 3, 7 and 9 backwards.

You know, I never learned the difference between open-top 4s and closed-top 4s. Is there an official difference, or is it just a matter of taste? Closed-top 4s look too much like 9s, which is why I never write them.

I also don't know the difference between the lower case a which is an o with a tail, and the lower case a with a line on top.


Anonymous said...

The o with tail is cursive writing lower case a, and the one with the line on top of it, like it appears here is lower case a which is non-cursive.

Katie Nelson said...

Oh wow...I just realized I've been writing cursive but not connected, with my a's (I write the a's that are o's with a tail). I also write the number 2 with a circle instead of an angle/corner. Huh.