Monday, September 22, 2014


I do not know what the upcoming schedule for my Youtube Channel is going to be.

This week, I have the first Living Legends game going up, since people liked my playthrough of the second game. Even though they are ridiculously similar, I think the second game is a tad better than the first.

After that, there's about two weeks before the new Nancy Drew game comes out. I'm trying to think of something short I can do, during that two-week gap. I think I might try Haunted Halls 4, since I played games 1-3 last October.

I finished a speedrun for Nancy Drew: The Deadly Device, and I submitted it to Speed Demos Archive, the main speedrun website. Currently, it is at the "wait for volunteers to verify the run is good" stage. If they can't get enough verifiers within a month, it is opened up to the general public. It's been sitting in line since September 9th, so I'm betting it'll take at least a month.

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