Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Replacing Actors

My Internet friends are happy, because there's a new main character on Doctor Who! Well, kind of. The show seems to do a weird dance between "it's a new character" and "it's the same doctor we've had for 50 years". Like, he's technically the same time lord / doctor, but now he looks different and has a different personality.

I'm used to actors being replaced, because I've been watching Days of our Lives for over ten years. Their weirdest replacement saga is the one with Roman Brady. Wayne Northrup played Roman from 1981-4. Drake Hogestyn took over the role in 1986. Five years later in 1991, Wayne returned the show. How did Days explain the fact that the original actor and the replacement actor were both on the show at the same time? They went with "Oh, it was really John Black in disguise as Roman Brady...for five years."

...Yeah, that's pretty ridiculous, but there's more. In 1997, Josh Taylor took over the role. He's not a bad actor, and he's been playing that role regularly for the past 17 years.

But Wayne the original actor returned to the show AGAIN, in 2005. Which meant that all three actors for Roman Brady were on the show, at the same time. Days decided to explain this by saying, "He's not Roman Brady; he's a totally different person who was married to Marlena in the 1980's. We just never mentioned him until now, because it wasn't important."

Now that I think about it, it's almost like the casting drama is better than the drama on the show. Wayne's 2005 appearance (the only time I saw him on the show) wasn't particularly good, and I wasn't surprised when they wrote him off the show by killing him. That character was promptly forgotten and never mentioned agian.


Bleeding Hearts said...

Matt Smith was my fave!

Anonymous said...

I don't really mind it in doctor who, but I kind of hate actor changes. You get yourself used to a character and then suddenly it's a different person altogether. It doesn't seem real. Of course my argument is pointless because the do it because they have to. But I still don't like it. :P

Anonymous said...

I love Doctor Who it is amazing. It takes me a few episodes to get used to the new doctor but I eventually get used to him. You need to watch Doctor Who if you haven't already. Also watch Supernatural, another amazing show