Tuesday, September 30, 2014

New Phone!

Thank you, readers! I used your advice to help me get a new phone.

Partially. The store only had one type of iPhone available, which I like to call "something the salesman should have mentioned earlier". In good news, I didn't have to worry about data plans because my parents set one and--Really? I have to go with the one Mom and Dad picked?!

Ugh, fine.

Anyway, thank you for all your help. I got the iPhone 5S, which I believe is the best phone you can get, next to the one that's about two weeks old. I will definitely take the advice of using the Internet through wifi, instead of using phone-Internet.

Now my main challenge will be figuring out how to send cat pictures to my fiancée, via the messenger app. I can do that on Facebook, but talking to her makes up about 90% of my Facebook activity. I'd like to cut out the middleman and just do it directly to her phone.


Lauren said...

there is a bunch of rumors flying around that the messenger app reads your emails to try to have good add placement. Be warned...

Anonymous said...

So try e-mailing it instead!

Katie Nelson said...

1. Cool! I actually have the IPhone 6, that happen to be using right now, but the 5s is cool :).
2. I don't know what type of plan your parents gave you, but I know the one my mom gave me, my sister, herself, and my grandma (she listens to religious radio programs online) is a 32GB because I use up a TON of GBs :p yeah, umm lol :pppppppp
3. Yeah to REALLY cut back on data (Internet) usage it REALLY helps to go to wi-fi when at school or a McDonald's or somewhere else where there's free wi-fi.
4. I'm going to get the Messenger app when my mom gets home, so right now I don't really know how to fix that.