Friday, September 19, 2014


Last week, President Obama gave a speech about the military action our country is taking against ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant), the organization that has seized control in Iraq and Syria. Strangely enough, the leaders of the group are using the medieval term "caliphate" to refer to their organization. It'd be like if someone took over Italy and declared themselves the Caesar.

President Obama says that ISIL is not Islamic. Even though they are Muslims using Islamic terms, their actions completely go against what Islam teaches.

I can understand that. That's basically what I believe about the Catholics who were responsible for the Spanish Inquisition. Also, the malicious people involved with the big child abuse scandal in 2002-3. I know Catholicism is a religion of forgiveness, but I have a hard time forgiving these people for all the harm they have done, which continues to cause harm long afterwards.

President Obama is now the fourth United States President in a row to declare military intervention in Iraq. Clearly, whatever the US has done there since the 1980's has been ineffective. Let's hope this will be the last war in the Middle East.


Katie said...

If you've read Revelation, you'll note that it is not.

Cody said...

Eeeeeeh, the Spanish Inquisition is frequently misunderstood. The usual attacks go along the lines of the fact that 1: They used torture 2: The manner of death was barbaric 3: They always executed the guilty, and did no good.

Well alright thats fair and all, but, let me address them.
1: The Catholics werent technically doing the torture, it was the governemnt. NO I am not saying that torture is acceptable, and the church infact condemned it. When the Pope heard of the goings on, he sent down Tomas de Torquemada, and things balanced out a bit. 2: The method of death (burning at the stake) was, grant it, barbaric, but they were living in barbaric times. For instance, France boiled their guilty alive, and England hung them, cut them down, disembowled them, and quartered them.. all while they were alive of course (or as far as they could make it through the quartering) Spain shouldnt neccesarily be singled out. 3: They infact did NOT execute all their guilty. Admitedly some innocent people were killed, but that was before the CHURCH became more involved with the proceedings. All this was eventually overseen by Dominicans (extremely smart people) and only around 2000 of 100,000 were actually found guilty and executed. In fact even if you were found guilty they would give you several chances to repent.

And on another note it did do some actual good. It united the country religiously and so there were no more wars and it spared "witches" from being executed. Yes, it was rather neccesary, because after the Muslims were finally put down, some of them became false converts, just so they could attain positions of power and then respread their ideas. Then they would have had another 700+ years of fighting again.

NO Im not really a bible thumper, I dont care that much, I just dont want the Spanish Inquisition to be terribly misunderstood. No I am not saying what they did was right either.