Friday, September 26, 2014

Game Writing

I've been swallowed up by writing videogames recently. Specifically, I've been working on text-based adventures, which I hope will get picked up by Choice of Games, a company that releases text-based adventures on the iPhone.

First, Untitled Sherlock Holmes Game. The legal issues were resolved, and I can resume work on it.
My question is "How much should I change the original text?". The Sherlock Holmes stories contain words whose meanings have changed in the past 100+ years, as well as some awkward sentence structure. Extremely long sentences are no longer in style, I'm afraid.
In my original demo, I tried updating words and cutting out various sentences. This time around, I'm changing as little as possible. I hope the sections I write / edit don't stick out like a sore thumb, next to the original material.

Second, Pride and Prejudice. This is a monstrously long project. The current version of the demo is 20,000 words, and it goes all the way up to the Netherfield Ball at the end of Book 1. The original plan was to have a modern English version and a classic English version, but it took so long to do the modern English version that we're throwing out the classic one.

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