Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Dick Tracy

For the past two months, I've been reading the Dick Tracy comic strip. I never read the strip before, but it's a long-running strip about a hard-boiled detective and his gang of weird villains/friends.

The current storyline is that Dick Tracy has been hired to find Little Orphan Annie, who hasn't been seen since her comic strip was cancelled three years ago. It's a pretty good premise, but it went into slightly weird territory. Dick Tracy finds Annie by time-travelling back to the year 1942, when both of their respective comic strips did well.

But now our heroes are trapped in the 40's, and they can't get back to the future because they have no idea how they time travelled in the first place! Also, a mysterious villain named Axel is lurking around. He's not doing anything besides lurking, but it's supposed to be suspenseful nonetheless.

My memory of 1942 Little Orphan Annie is shoddy. All I remember is that she organizes the neighborhood kids into helping the World War Two effort. They catch a submarine filled with Nazi spies, who are all murdered in a group. There were complaints about that storyline being too violent for a kids strip, which happened a lot with Annie.

The Dick Tracy storyline is moving a bit too slowly for my tastes. It is certainly moving slower than the 1942 Dick Tracy strip, which was 1-2 panels longer, so it got through more material each day. Still, I'm gonna stick with this story until it gets wrapped up. From there, I'll decide if I still want to keep reading Dick Tracy, or if I want to pick up some of the original Dick Tracys instead.

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