Sunday, September 14, 2014

Captain Kirk

My fiancée has finished watching the first season of Star Trek. I have inconsistently watched it with her.

I don't like Captain Kirk. Sure, he can be clever sometimes, but he is ridiculously inconsistent. Sort of like other TV shows, his personality changes to fit whatever moral the screenwriter wants to drive home that week. So one week, he's on a crusade to destroy creepy aliens. The next week, he's on a crusade to protect the misunderstood aliens. One week, he talks about how great it would be for humans to find a paradise; for the next five weeks, he goes to various paradises and destroys them.

That's a running theme in the show, actually. Kirk screws up everyone's happiness, because it doesn't fit his particular worldview. So he ruins things for the planet which has simulated wars instead of real wars. And he ruins things for the planet that is run by Landrew the Computer. And he ruins things for the planet where people have happiness plants.

The planet of happiness plants was probably my favorite so far. It's basically the Lotus Eaters storyline, from The Odyssey. I hope they do more episodes based off that book. I mean, a planet with giant cannibals, or a planet with a magician host who messes around with the crewmen for her amusement. Those sound like Star Trek plots.

I can understand why the TV show is popular, but I can't quite explain why Kirk himself is popular. He's sort of like an incompetent Indiana Jones, and most of the time, I disagree with him.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you for starting playing Dana Knightstone Death an Betrayal in Romania!!!!!!

Stephanie said...

Do you or Katie have any affinity for Lost in Space? It's really campy. All the aliens seem to be wearing colanders on their heads and the robot and Mr. Smith are hilarious!

lalauren1008 said...

Try Star Trek enterprise. I have watched both series, and enterprise has better plots, character development acting, graphics etc. Even my sister who is not a Trekkie loves those episodes.