Thursday, September 4, 2014

Angry Birds Epic

The autoplay feature in Angry Birds Epic is good, but it has some quirks that need to be worked out.

1. The autoplay system has no idea how status ailments work, so it will treat afflicted characters normally. This means poisoned characters will do damage-inducing moves, which ensures they will die next turn. Also, the healer will waste turns, trying to heal a character that has the "cannot be healed" status effect.

2. Characters make their moves, with no regard to logical order. For example, Character A attacks, Character B attacks, and Character C casts a spell to raise everyone's attack level. It drives me nuts, because that should be done BEFORE everyone attacks, not after.

3. If you pause the autoplay system, it won't let you do a special move on that turn, unless it happens to be the special move that the autoplay system was planning to use. This is the biggest problem.

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bug2506 said...

That is pure craziness! I dislike it when games that do that.