Friday, August 29, 2014

Three Things Friday

1. Three Things Thursday was pushed back a day this week, because of Nancy Drew #31. Also, I couldn't think of a third thing to talk about.

2. My local library has 24 of the Nancy Drew books for eight-year-olds. I know the book reviews for that series aren't so popular, but they are super easy to write, because the books are so simplistic. I might do more in the future. Speaking of which, reviews for the 2004 Girl Detective series were easy to get through, so I'll be doing six of them, not just four.

3. I've seen a few shows, like Hey Arnold!, where they try to drum up some romance by having the main cast enact the play Romeo and Juliet. Drama ensues, when the male lead and the female lead learn that they must kiss each other during the play.

I can't help but wonder if these shows are written by people who have not actually seen the Shakespeare play in question. It is not a romantic kissing scene; it is a death scene where Romeo and Juliet commit suicide. Juliet kisses Romeo, in hopes that there is poison left on his lips. It's not romantic in the slightest.

Of course, there's a different scene in the play where Romeo and Juliet kiss, but all of the TV shows I've seen skip over that part. Bah!


Katie Nelson said...

Wait Michael...did you just say bah...BAHHHHHHHHHHHH SHEEPY SHEEPY SHEEPY SHEEPY :p I had to do that.

Anonymous said...

I think they kissed when they first met at the ball (which in my opinion isn't romantic because they just met eachother) but they skip over that? maybe I'm missing another part. Anyway, Shakespeare actually didn't intend for Romeo and Juliet to be a love story. It was meant to be a warning for couples not to get too attached or something like that. I mean, their three day relationship ended up killing a bunch of people, including themselves. How is that a love story again?

Anonymous said...

It used to be that in my library all the newer Nancy Drew books were the girl detective ones, but I visited the section again not too long ago, and they got rid of all of them and replaced them with the Nancy Drew Diaries and Notebooks. It was disappointing because I really have no interest in reading those ones. :P I guess it's because they are the current ones.

Anonymous said...

i wouldn't put too much store in any romeo and juliet adaptions, after all its a rough pyramus and thisbe adaption itself. just look at gnomeo and juliet and lion king 2, etc. if anything, it gets kids familiar with the romeo and juliet story so they might be more interested in it when they learn it in school.

Lynn said...

I wish my library had more Nancy Drew books. But I totally agree about the Romeo and Juliet!