Friday, August 22, 2014

Making Videos

Recently, two people asked me about how I make videos. Either that, or the same person asked twice. Not sure.

Anyway, I no longer use CamStudio, the free recording program which sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. It worked really well on my Windows Vista computer. I used it a lot! But it doesn't work so much with Windows 7 or Windows 8, and so it fell out of usage.

Instead, I bit the bullet and paid for a program called Fraps. It works reasonably well. There are some things it cannot do, like Nancy Drew games 1-16. I use Camstudio and/or Many Cam as a backup, for when Fraps doesn't work. Many Cam is the program I use for livestreaming, but it can double as a game recorder, too.

Hopefully that answers the questions!


Abby said...

Okay, thanks! I was thinking about doing my own walktrough of Alibi in Ashes. Do you like that game? It's the only one I have, since I never have money. :)
Thanks again!

Lynn said...

Wow Cool!!! Did you see my comment from yesterday?