Friday, August 15, 2014


In the news this week, Robin Williams committed suicide. He suffered from depression.

In America, we tend to treat depression and ADD like physical diseases, which are cured by pills. This is compared to other countries, which tend to treat them like psychological diseases. Facebook is currently raging with the debate on whether or not depression is an illness.

As usual, no satisfactory conclusion can be reached, because people on both sides of the debate are too busy writing off everything their opponents say. The most popular write-off seems to be "you can't talk about depression, if you've never had it."

This is, of course, wrong. Doctors and psychologists regularly treat diseases they have not suffered from. In fact, when I was treated for depression, I preferred having a therapist who never had depression. I wanted someone who would be sympathetic with my situation, but I feared someone who had depression before would be so sympathetic that they'd take it easy on me.

Actually, Facebook wants me to add my old therapist as a friend. I haven't done that, because I think it would be awkward. I haven't seen him since in two years ago, since I moved out of California, so I doubt he'd remember me. (Moving away, as you might have guessed, was helpful in overcoming my depression.)

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Sassafras said...

So glad you're taking steps to overcoming your depression rather than letting it overcome you.

I wish Robin Williams had truly known the full impact his sudden death caused(I'm not talking about the fans, I'm talking about the ones who personally knew him) and had turned to those who loved & cared about him. When a mutual acquaintance of mine committed suicide I was devastated, and though we had only met at a summer camp once a year his death has still left its mark.

I hope you always remember that your loved ones closest to you (NOT fans, or subscribers) would miss you beyond what words could describe. And that you are always immortalized in the memories of your family, and friends. Though if your fate were like Robin Williams then the mere memory of you would be like a fresh stab in the heart every time, no matter what.
Though I myself have never suffered from suicidal depression, I still know that it leaves a hollow ache in you, no matter how long or recently that person died.

Again, way to go for taking the strides and continuing the fight against your demons, and hope you find peace of mind one day:)