Sunday, August 17, 2014

Deadly Device Speedrun

This is the speedrun I did for Nancy Drew: The Deadly Device two years ago.

Since then, two new cheats have been discovered.

1. Nancy is told that she must get the high score in aggregation. It turns out this is not true. You just need to make the high scores list.

2. Towards the end of the game, you can steal Ryan's gummy bears, which saves you a trip downstairs. There's actually an achievement if you do this! I tried--and failed--to do it several times, but I think I finally got it correct.

So...if you use those tricks, you can probably save an additional minute or so! I should redo my speedrun someday.


jadyn said...

Yes! I think you shoukd do it again with these new time savers :-) :-) :-) please

Anonymous said...

Please do! I love your speedruns

Anonymous said...

Recently someone asked how you do your walkthroughs. I know you said in a video that you Camstudio, so I tried that out. When I use Camstudio though, the recording is very laggy. Can you make a video where you show your Camstudio settings? Thanks.
-Abigail [It's a funny coincidence that someone else called Abby asked a similar question earlier.]