Wednesday, August 27, 2014


I tried cooking hamburgers again. Just like last time, grease flew out the saucepan and all over the stove. I used a grease splatter, which helped a lot, but I still managed to get two grease burns on my hand. Ow.

This time, I made sure to cover the pan with that Pam Cooking Spray stuff. Is that not supposed to be used on saucepans? Maybe you're only supposed to use it on oven trays. I suppose that I won't use cooking spray next time, because it seems to make the sauce and the grease jump out of the pan.

I cooked the burgers on 3/4ths heat, for fifteen minutes. Every five minutes, I flipped the patties. The outside of the burgers ended up being rather burnt, and the insides tasted like meat loaf. Or at least, it tasted like Marie Calendar's microwaveable meatloaf. (I've noticed the meatloaf tastes very similar to Marie Calendar's microwaveable Salisbury steak).

Next time, I should probably cook the burgers on medium heat, or cook them for only ten minutes. My overall plan is to figure out how to cook frozen patty burgers, then move on to making burgers out of ground meat.

But while my burgers aren't so good, my potato casserole is excellent. It is basically the same thing as mashed potatoes, except instead of adding milk, I add garnish, Philly cream cheese and sour cream. That makes it taste sweet and yummy. Put it in the oven at 350 for 20 minutes or so, and that somehow turns it into a casserole. (I'm a little iffy on what "casserole" means.)

The next kind of casserole I want to make is the simple tater tot / beef casserole, which is loving referred to as "funeral casserole". People make it for funeral receptions, because it's easy to make. I should be able to do that without screwing up!


Juliette said...

Most frying pans are already nonstick, so you will most likely not need to use cooking spray. This isn't the case with all pans, but it is extremely common.

I assume you know the basics of cooking frozen burger patties. Here's a link if you still have trouble with it:

Stephanie said...

Michael, Michael, Michael...
I have a few questions.
Are you using a gas or electric stove?
What kind of a pan are you using? IE: cast iron, non-stick, aluminum?
When you answer these questions I will give you some advice.

Katie Nelson said...

I know this is off topic but this post is most recent........HAVE YOU SEEN THE COVER ART FOR LIE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! ISN'T IT COOL?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?! 8DDDD or should I say it's "Stupid stupid stupid." -Michael Gray :p

Anonymous said...

Uh. I've never cooked a burger before, but:

-15 minutes seems WAY too long. I wouldn't imagine you should cook over 10 - probably not much longer than 5.

-I'm pretty sure you should only flip burgers ONCE.

Make sure you've let the pan heat up significantly before you plop the meat in.

Anonymous said...

You only need a little oil/spray. Cook in medium heat and once the burgers are browning, poke a fork or knife in the middle of the meat. This helps the middle to cook evenly with the edges. I hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

Buy a George Foreman Grill - no oil necessary with only minimal cleaning, and you can make fish, chicken, burgers, steak - most of them are less than $40

Anonymous said...

You don't HAVE to cook burgers. You can just try other dishes!

Yuanmei Chan said...

I personally don't think frozen burgers would taste good as making it from scratch. Then again I never tried cooking myself. But maybe watching cooking videos on Youtube could clear up a few things if you have trouble understanding what a recipe is instructing. I mostly watch Japanese cooking videos from channels such as Cooking with Dog and ochikeron, but Cooking with Dog (no you don't cook a dog if you're wondering) does have a video on making Hamburg Steak from scratch!