Friday, August 8, 2014

Book Reviews Playlists

I've recently done several book reviews, in order to better organize my book review playlists. Now I have a playlist for the Nancy Drew Hardy Boys Supermystery series, as well as the Nancy Drew Notebooks series. I figured it would be better to separate these series, rather than lump them together. The Baby-Sitters Club reviews will get their own playlist, once I have the first four book reviews uploaded.

Here are the reviews I did, to bolster up the playlists.


Sassafras said...

I'm on vacation, so I haven't been checking on your blog regularly to see when your next book reviews were going to come up, but am glad I did now!
So excited to hear your newest book reviews! I'm going to be flying to college this week, so I think I may save listening to them for the plane ride.
Thank you so much for doing these!
And keep doing what you're doing, because you're ah-mazing at this!!!

Sassafras said...

*but boy am I glad I checked -now! I think I may save *(listening to them) for the plane ride.

---Sorry about the poor grammar. When I get excited I type too fast, and when I type too fast I tend to make a lot of grammatical mistakes.