Monday, August 4, 2014

1995 Nancy Drew TV Series

Have you seen the 1995 Nancy Drew TV series? It aired in Canada. I did reviews for all the episodes which are on YouTube.

It costs a lot to buy the other episodes, so I will probably never see them. Some people said the series is on Netflix, but I checked, and it is not there. Is my Netflix defective or something?


Amy Christine said...

It's not on Netflix anymore :( But there are The Nancy Drew Hardy Boys Mysteries (the 1970's TV series) on Netflix.

Elentarien said...

No sign of it on the Canadian netflix either.

After looking at the videos, though, I DO recall that airing. On YTV, maybe. Think I even watched it a few times, though I don't remember being aware of what it was. Just glancing at it, Nancy doesn't resemble what you'd expect.

Cody said...

They add things and take them off if they even lose a small bit of popularity ;-;

Megan said...

Its not on instant netflix, you have to order it through the mail.