Thursday, July 3, 2014

Three Things Thursday

1. A new walkthrough goes up today! I teamed up with YourGibs to record Awakening: The Skyward Castle, the fourth game in the Awakening series! After this, you can expect to see reviews for the 1995 Nancy Drew TV show and a walkthrough for Lost Lands: Dark Overlord

2. After reading four of the Nancy Drew Notebooks--the series made for third graders--I have figured out the formula. The culprit is always the first person Nancy meets. Now I can save myself time by only reading the first and last chapters of those books.

3. Alison Sweeney (who plays Sami Brady) is leaving Days of our Lives this year. She has been on the show ever since 1993, which means she played the role for 21 uninterrupted years. She started at age 16.


LGelevator said...

I watch both your and YourGibs' ND walkthroughs. Glad to see you teaming up.

Sassafras said...

Argle, if you ever get the chance could you maybe one day do a walkthrough of: "Carmen Sandiego: A chase through time" [I think].
It'd be really fun to hear and "see" you play that old of a game. Can't wait to see your next video :D

Anyway, no matter what, thanks for doing what you do!