Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Here is the schedule for what is going to appear on my YouTube channel. All the items in italics are videogames.

  • Wed-Fri. Princess Isabella: A Witch's Curse
  • Sunday, Aug 3. Review of Nancy Drew #151: The Chocolate-Covered Contest
  • Mon-Wed. Professor Layton 6, Chapters 2 and 3
  • Thur. Bonus Video for Awakening: The Skyward Castle and two Nancy Drew Notebooks reviews
  • Fri-Sat. Nick Chase: A Detective Story
  • Sunday Aug. 10. Two Nancy Drew Notebooks reviews
  • Mon-Fri. Phoenix Wright 5, Case 4.
  • Sat. August 16 - Livestream for Nancy Drew #30: The Shattered Medallion
I have book reviews for #2 and #3 of The Baby-Sitters Club series, which are currently acting as an emergency back-up in case something goes wrong somewhere.

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Shainnen Somerville said...

Since you did a few episode reviews on the 1995 Nancy Drew television series, do you think you can do reviews on the 1970's television series with Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys? Those episodes are really good and someone on YouTube actually recorded all 3 seasons so you can easily watch them.