Monday, July 21, 2014


The schedule for my YouTube Channel has been a little weird recently, so I figured I would let you readers pick what I upload next. Here are the various options:

  • Phoenix Wright 5, Case 4, Part 1
  • Phoenix Wright 5, Case 4 Part 2
  • Professor Layton 6, Chapter 2
  • Book Review for Baby-Sitters Club #2
  • Book Reviews for 4 Nancy Drew Notebooks (the series for 3rd graders)
  • Living Legends: Frozen Beauty (the fairy tale princess game that is a mix of Frozen and Snow White)
Just leave a comment here, saying which ones you're most interested in. I'll tally the scores later tonight, and start releasing them in order of most popular to least popular.


Amy Christine said...

I love your book reviews so I pick both of the two reviews: BSC and the Nancy Drew Notebooks :)

bug2506 said...

Living Legends Frozen Beauty please.

Miss. Cellaneous said...


Anonymous said...

Frozen Beauty!

Elizabeth Pfeffer said...

Living Legends Frozen Beauty

Anonymous said...

Nancy drew notebooks!

Zanna said...

Hey Arglefumph,
It would be really cool if you interviewed the voice actor for Sonny Joon (Jamal Fahim) the same way you did for Dylan Carter (Gabriel Wolf), because that interview was really fun to listen to! Just an idea... Otherwise, I love your book reviews!

Anonymous said...

Living Legends: Frozen Beauty!

Anonymous said...

Phoenix Wright would be nice :)

(Sorry if I posted this more than once - according to verification I may be a robot -.-)