Tuesday, July 8, 2014

More on Birth Control

Today, I figured I'd keep talking about the birth control topic that came up last week.

The commenters seem to prefer the strategy of "birth control coverage is mandatory, and if you don't want it, you don't have to use it". I don't think that's what people are debating. The question is not "whether you have to use it". People are debating the fact that it's mandatory to begin with.

It's like going to Burger King and getting pickles on my whopper. Sure, technically the pickles are optional, because I can get a whopper without them. But I still have to pay full price for the whopper! Why should I pay extra, for pickles that I am never going to use? If other people want pickles, they should pay for them, not me!

...That's a dumb analogy, I'm sorry. Let me try again.

I think people are still stuck on the debate of "is birth control good or bad?". They should resolve that first, before moving on to the debate of "is Obamacare's implementation of birth control good or bad?".

So far, the birth control debate has proven to be a complicated one. I dislike how the media handled the Hobby Lobby case, because they tried to make it seem like "all men hate birth control, but all women like it". I don't think gender stereotyping is the way to resolve the issue.

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Anonymous said...

Hobby Lobby provides birth control to it's employees through the health insurance it offers them. That is not changing. Hobby Lobby won the right not to be forced to provide abortifacients to it's employees.