Sunday, July 6, 2014

Josie - Episode 8

Episode 8 of Josie and the Pussycats in the Outer Space--you thought I stopped reviewing this show, didn't you? You were mistaken.--is called The Space Pirates. It is a very straightforward episode, where our heroes' ship is attacked by space pirates. ROBOT space pirates. The robots use a freezing ray on the spaceship and a freezing ray on our heroes.

It turns out that the robots are controlled by Captain Braggo, and this was a test run for the freeze ray. Now that he knows it works, he will send his robot pirates to conquer the universe! Only Captain Kirk can stop this guy, but since Kirk is somewhere else right now, Josie and her friends will have to do.

As they do in pretty much every episode, our heroes put on a musical number with recycled footage, in order to distract the guards. For once, this plan does not work. I was amused by the complete and utter failure of the random musical number. I thought those always worked in Saturday Morning Cartoons!

Scotty, I mean, Valerie, uses her technological knowledge to reprogram one of the robots. The robot helps them. They get robot outfits in the robot-making factory and launch a surprise attack on Braggo. Melody gets her hands on the freezing ray, but she completely messes up and freezes all of her friends, one by one. That was a funny scene, in concept, but it ended up being somewhat bland in its execution.

Literally three minutes later, our heroes have take two! While Braggo tries to escape, they freeze Braggo and his robot pirate army. The reprogrammed robot is put in charge of the planet, while Braggo is presumably thrown in jail. Even though a freeze ray would be incredibly useful, Valerie throws it away because it's "too dangerous".

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