Saturday, July 12, 2014

Josie 7 - The Mini-Man Menace

Episode 7 of Josie and the Pussycats in Outer Space (AKA "Discount Version of Star Trek")is called "The Mini-Man Menace". The premise is that our heroes are captured by a tiny alien named Midgeco. Midgeco is planning on taking over the Earth, with his robot army.

The episode plays out almost exactly like Episode 8. There is a chase sequence, and our heroes are captured. They do a musical number, and they reprogram a robot to help them. There is an escape/chase sequence, and they manage to capture the villain of the week. As usual, the spaceship is reprogrammed to reach Earth, but Alexandra accidentally messes it up, and our heroes remain lost in space.

I didn't like the story or the villain in the episode. The aliens weren't very interesting at all. However, the animation was better than usual. Clearly, this was an episode done by the good storyboarder. You can tell by the fact that the characters are drawn from more than one angle. You can even see the backs of their heads, at one point! That is high-quality material, which rarely happened in the comic strip I drew in college.

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Sassafras said...

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It would be awesome to hear you do a review on some of the Adventures in Odyssey episodes, only don't start with the beginning album, start more with the more recent episodes that are on air at: