Thursday, July 17, 2014

High School Musical 2

I recently rewatched High School Musical 2. I had forgotten that the movie ends with the villains being redeemed and becoming friends with everyone else, because the third movie pretends that didn't happen. They go right back to being villains. This is especially unfortunate for the male villain, because he had decided to stand up for himself and never be bossed around again. He instantly goes back to doing whatever his sister says.

I also forgot that there are some half-flirty scenes between the male villain and the hero's girlfriend. Why didn't they develop that into a subplot? It had the potential to be more interesting than half the movie.

In case you were wondering, the baseball song is still awful. Whoever choreographed the song clearly has no idea how baseball works. Players don't hold baseball bats like that, no player would bunt with the bases loaded, and the "home run hit" was really an easy infield out. Sure, it's technically possible those plays worked the way the dance number showed, but that would require multiple errors from the team on the field.

Zac Efron has Justin Bieber hair throughout the entire movie, which is interesting, because the High School Musical series predates Justin's career. My YouTube channel does, too. Gosh, High School Musical and I are older than I thought...


Anonymous said...

It's sad how bad the movies have gotten since the Disney company changed direction. During Uncle Walt's time the Disney movies were full of meaning. So many allusions and symbolisms were in the physical and spoken portions. Hopefully someone with a true Disney passion will take over and direct the company into a better era.

Anonymous said...

Anon, you're not seriously comparing the DCOMs to walt's animated movies are you? The DCOMs were never walt's, they were for the Disney Channel, and many of the older ones are actually very good. Watch color of friendship. Great movie, no Walt involved.

Anonymous said...

Michael, I really love your blog and all, But sometimes you think to much about the story. it's there to entertain,not be realistic. If you want HSM2 to be realistic,take a camera to the nearest high school and start filming. Same with the Nancy Drew books. they are there to entertain,not be realistic. I agree with you on some of the points,but most times you over think it.

-The Silent Spy