Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Celebrity Voice Actors

Disney recently announced the voices for its animated movie this year. They are mostly comedians I don't know about, from TV shows I don't know about.

Not to be a jerk, but I don't think I've ever been excited to find out that a particular celebrity is doing a voice for a children's movie. I suspect the target audience of five-year-olds doesn't care much, either. People make the argument that "parents who want to take their little kids to movies appreciate having celebrities do voices", but that seems like an invalid argument. If you are a parent who wants to take your little kid to the movies, the animated movie is more or less your only option, no matter who's doing the voices.

I dunno. There are some celebrities who are legitimately good at non-visual acting, but most don't seem to take it seriously. I've definitely seen movies where it feels like the majority of the dialogue was recorded on the first take. As in, the table read first take. With that sort of quality, I hope the studios are paying the celebrity voice actors by the hour, not by the movie!


Anonymous said...

Preteens, teens, and childless adults who still love Disney (like myself) might care about voice actors. I've cared about many. Disney understands that not only 5 year old are watching.

Sassafras said...

I don't like seeing entertainers/actors who are cast in animated films (who already have a following) because it gets boring!

Casting an overused celebrity (ahem-Johnny Depp)in an animated movie for his voice, makes the character unmemorable. No matter how good the script is!

I find that (in general) a lot of the unheard of and unknown actors from the pool of aspiring actors can offer a lot more variety than the celebrity pool!

Thus think it would be better if animated movies cast aspiring actors in animated films ONLY, so that the voices are more memorable.

If it were up to me I'd cast aspiring actors for animated films, and the other real-life movies for the seasoned celebrities who have perfected their expressions and etc. (that aren't covered up by an animator's artwork)

Anonymous said...

I personally don't think it really makes sense to have famous actors just play a voice in animation. You shouldn't need a certain celebrity to make an enjoyable movie. Your script should be able to do that. There are lots of animated movies and shows that I have seen that are able to keep my adult brothers and parents engaged as well as me and my little sister.

Anonymous said...

Casting an overused celebrity (ahem-Johnny Depp)in an animated movie for his voice, makes the character unmemorable. No matter how good the script is!


No. Casting a celebrity has nothing to do with quality of voice acting. Casting someone who is bad at voice acting has to do with quality of voice acting. Celebrities can be good at it. Celebrities can be bad at it. But it has nothing to do with whether they ARE a celebrity or not.

I do agree though that lesser-known actors (talented ones, not Joe Hopeful) should be considered before celebrities.