Thursday, July 31, 2014

Star Trek

My girlfriend has forced me to watch Star Trek, so now all of my vague knowledge about the show has become actualized.

Vaguely. I've watched four or so episodes, but I've yet to see an episode starring Spock or Mr. Sulu or Scotty. Apparently, in the first season of the show, they ignored all the characters whose names begin with the letter "S", in favor of Dr. McCoy and Captain Kirk.

Captain Kirk actually reminds me a lot of Odysseus, from The Odyssey. He's a good leader, in that he's very clever when it comes to getting out of dangerous situations. He's also a bad leader, in that his crewmates tend to be killed indiscriminately, and he pretty much ignores everything that his employees say. Except Spock. Sometimes he listens to Spock. (Mostly, whenever Spock agrees with him.)

I think the series would be improved, if it was a half-hour show, not a full-hour. Every episode I've seen has done at least one five-minute filler sequence, usually a countdown of some sort. I'll be tempted to just fast-forward through those in the future.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Here is the schedule for what is going to appear on my YouTube channel. All the items in italics are videogames.

  • Wed-Fri. Princess Isabella: A Witch's Curse
  • Sunday, Aug 3. Review of Nancy Drew #151: The Chocolate-Covered Contest
  • Mon-Wed. Professor Layton 6, Chapters 2 and 3
  • Thur. Bonus Video for Awakening: The Skyward Castle and two Nancy Drew Notebooks reviews
  • Fri-Sat. Nick Chase: A Detective Story
  • Sunday Aug. 10. Two Nancy Drew Notebooks reviews
  • Mon-Fri. Phoenix Wright 5, Case 4.
  • Sat. August 16 - Livestream for Nancy Drew #30: The Shattered Medallion
I have book reviews for #2 and #3 of The Baby-Sitters Club series, which are currently acting as an emergency back-up in case something goes wrong somewhere.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Living Legends: Ice Rose

I tried out Living Legends: Ice Rose the other day. I thought it was the sequel to Living Legends: Frozen Beauty, but in reality, this game was made first.

Both games are pretty much the exact same. Identical music, reused animation assets, frozen/snow landscape. Maybe I'll revisit the game later, but playing both games back-to-back is out of the question.

If I had to pick a favorite, I'd go with the second game. It's slightly higher quality, by which I mean "voice acting" and "travel map". I like how the first game is more closely based on "The Snow Queen" story, but now that the movie Frozen exists, it has pretty much eclipsed that fairy tale.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Sex and Love

I am reading some philosophical works about the nature of love, right now. Here are thoughts I gleamed from Chapter One of Venerable Fulton Sheen's Three to Get Married. This chapter is about the differences between sex and love.
  • Historically, philosophers have considered love to be an act of the will, as opposed to love being an emotion, a passion or a desire. Loving someone is an active choice, not a passive event.
  • Some people love sex, while others love being in love. These are both wrong, because the true object of love is a person.
  • There are two reasons why our society prizes sex over love. The first is the promotion of physical pleasures, over and above reason and rational thought. The second is an increase in selfishness and egotism, where people care more about self-satisfaction than the good of others and the community at large.
  • When talking about married love, there are two extremes. First is the refusal to recognize sexual love, like the Victorians. The second is to make sexual attraction the primary thing, like Freud.
  • The senses enrich the mind, in that they give the mind new things to contemplate. In the same way, the body and its sex can enrich love.
  • A marriage or a relationship built on sex will inevitably lead to sadness. That is because, as far as sex is concerned, either partner can be replaced. The partners are condemned to be a tool or instrument of pleasure, not a companion of love.
  • Love transforms a person into what they love.
  • People try to rationalize their sexual behavior with science, psychology or social standards. Love does not require reasons or rationalization; love is its own reason.
  • Love is more encompassing than sex, because love seeks the totality, the entire person. Sex does not focus on the entire person, but only part of the person; usually, just certain body parts. Sex often attempts to eliminate everything in the other person that cannot be adapted to its carnal libido.
  • Love is always directed towards the other person, while sex is directed towards yourself. Sex pretends to love the other person, but really, all it loves is self-satisfaction, the possibility of receiving pleasure from the other person. Love causes a person to forget themselves; sex causes a person to forget others. Love gives, in order to receive, while sex receives, in to avoid giving.
  • Sex is not satisfied, but it is always looking for another experience, like a merry-go-round which spins around, only to spin around again.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Nancy Drew: The Captive Curse Speedrun

My last attempt at a speedrun for Nancy Drew: The Captive Curse was this:

Like all my other test runs, triggering the second monster sighting was a problem. I have no idea what the trigger is, and I suspect that there's something like a five minute delay in between you triggering the call and you receiving it. Most people think the trigger is "confront Anja about her resume", but in the video, the monster sighting happens four minutes after that.

Other possible triggers are a specific phone conversation with Markus, having a specific conversation with Anja and having Renate see Nancy's fancy outfit. I suppose I could test out every possible trigger, by taking ten minute "wait and see if there's a time delay" breaks after each one, but that's pretty time consuming.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Interrupting Musical Numbers

I don't like it when TV shows put dialogue in the middle of a song. That seems like a bad idea in general. "Hey, we're doing a musical number! You know what it needs? Dialogue that isn't set to music!"

Seriously, if you need your characters to chat for a bit, have them do it after the song, not in the middle of it.

The worst case scenario is when the talking voice and the singing voice are done by two completely different people. This becomes extremely obvious when the character interrupts their own song and abruptly changes voices. My reaction is usually, "When did your voice become deep and silky?" or "Hey, what happened to your accent?".

Friday, July 25, 2014

DOS Games

I was updating my Backloggery the other day, and I ran into a minor problem with DOS games. I have 52 different DOS games, or in other words, I have 52 games from before 1995.

The problem is that I don't know the names of all these games. See, back then, file names couldn't be longer than eight characters. Computers couldn't handle that. So instead of full names, most of the files are acronyms. For example, Prince of Persia and Prince of Persia 2 are in folders named POP1 and POP2.

I've forgotten what most of the file names stand for. Curse could refer to a number of games, FD is ??? and Poca is...I think it's a pre-Disney Pocahontas game.

Yes, I suppose I could go through all 52 games and see what their full titles are, but that's 52 games! Clearly, a project which would take an hour or two, depending on how fun the games are.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Living Legends: Frozen Beauty

As decided by you blog readers, the walkthrough for the fairy tale princess game is going up this week!

The rest of the videos can be found here.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


When I was a kid, there were lots of remakes/reboots of old properties from the 60's and 70's. We saw movies like Little Rascals, Richie Rich, The Brady Bunch and The Beverly Hilbillies. Even though they were kids films, the target audience was my parents. Mom and Dad more or less forced me to watch and enjoy these movies, based on dead franchises I never heard of before.

I guess 20-25 years is the prime time for rebooting a franchise, because right now, I'm seeing a lot of remakes/reboots of old properties from the 80's and 90's. Sometimes it works, like with My Little Pony movies, and sometimes it's awkward seeing Indiana Jones as an older man. And sometimes, it's "Nintendo, please stop with Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time already! You've re-released it five times at this point; either make Ocarina of Time 2 or leave it alone!".

Is there a term like "zombie franchises", to describe something that is a remake of a remake? I'm thinking of something like A Christmas Story, which was designed to capitalize on nostalgia for the 1940's, but now it's surviving on people who are nostalgic because they saw the movie when they were younger. I'm not thinking of something like Nancy Drew or Superman, where every reboot is based on the original series, and not based on the previous reboot.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Nancy Drew Files #9: Review

In today's book, Nancy is asked to recover a stolen diamond. She discovers it in the lost and found box.


I give Nancy Drew Files #9, False Moves, a two out of ten.


Hmmm...I guess I shouldn't end the review here. This book was published in March, 1987, one month after the previous book. You might remember that book ended with a dramatic breakup between Nancy and her longtime boyfriend, Ned Nickerson.

Well, Ned sure got over Nancy fast, because he's now dating a professional ballerina named Belinda Morrison. She's young, beautiful and successful; unlike Nancy, she pays attention to Ned and is worthy of his love. Needless to say, Nancy hates her guts.

The book opens with Nancy watching Belinda perform on national TV, while muttering nasty things about her. Belinda's dance partner is Katya Alexandrovna, who is wearing the famous Raja diamond pin. The show is interrupted when the lights go out for a minute. When the lights come back on, Katya is unconscious, and the diamond is missing.

*Oh no!!!*

Ned shows up on Nancy's doorstep the next day. He begs her to take the case and clear Belinda's good name. Nancy isn't thrilled about defending Ned's new girlfriend, but she decides to take the case! Personally, I think this book might have been more interesting if she stayed home and watched more TV.

This book sort of loses focus, partway through the investigation. It starts off in the normal fashion of Nancy investigating people one by one. Halfway through, the book completely gives up on that, and insists on pairing up the suspects like it's Junior Prom. Here are the three culprit couples:

Katya and Colby: Both of them are being forced into retirement this year, so not only do they need money, but they want revenge.

Ana and Andre: Their names sound similar, so they must be in cahoots.

Belinda and James: James the Manager likes Belinda so much that he gave her the lead in Giselle. Either they're up to something, or Ned has major boyfriend competition.

I know the cover indicates that Nancy runs into a topless hunk with girl shoes at one point, but this never happens. Sorry, ladies! Nancy _does_ run into a person dressed in all black, though. It's the culprit, who is in disguise, so they can break into the costume room and steal shoes.

Please note this makes little sense. Both culprits could have easily gone into the costume room, dressed normally, without raising any suspicions.

The next day, Nancy brings her new boyfriend to help investigate. He is Brad Eastman, and you know the relationship is never going to last, because Nancy insults him five times in two pages. The main problem with Brad is that he doesn't know how to solve mysteries correctly, but I dunno. Given Nancy's track record in this series, can we REALLY say that her detective methodology is foolproof?

However, the real fool here is Katya, the culprit. It turns out that Katya faked the robbery and hid the diamond inside her pointe shoe. However, she gave herself away by limping offstage on the wrong foot.

I congratulate Nancy on solving the case, but I question this mistake. Why did Katya limp on the wrong foot? Did she forget which of her legs is the weak one? How does she get an ANKLE injury from stuffing a diamond in her shoe's TOE? I thought ballerinas have superb foot control.

Part two of the plan was for Katya to swap the million-dollar shoes with an extra pair inside her purse. This plan was foiled, when Katya grabbed the wrong purse. Really? REALLY? How do you screw up a plan as simple as "put something in your purse"? When she switched shoes, how did she not notice the replacement pair was the wrong size? And did she REALLY expect to get away with hiding the diamond in her purse? If the police bothered to look into her bag, the plan would have been foiled!

Ever since Katya lost the million dollar shoes, she has been stealing every pair of shoes in the entire theater. All thirty ballerinas have five or six pairs, so Nancy figures that is over 300 pairs of shoes!

*sigh* Nancy, 6 shoes for thirty dancers is not 300 shoes. Someone get Nancy a calculator. Also, why is Katya stealing every shoe in sight? Shoes have labels! There is no reason to steal every pair of shoes in the building, if you're looking for a specific pair of Size 5 shoes.

Nancy goes to Katya and confronts her. Katya more or less admits her guilt and threatens to kill Nancy. I guess nothing interesting happened after that, because the book then skips ahead six hours. Belinda has magically learned all the parts to Giselle in under a week, and it's time for the big performance!

Nancy finds the million dollar shoes in the lost and found box, at the same time that Katy'a accomplice appears with a knife. Nancy runs backstage, and she decides it'd be safest to run through the six-inch gap behind the backdrop. You know, because that makes more sense than talking to one of the dozens of people there.

Nancy sidles over to the other side of the stage, with the culprit in pursuit. She sees Ned, and she throws the shoes to him with a football pass.

Now that the shoes are safe, it's fight time! The culprit must have lost his knife somewhere, because he gets in a big fist fight with Ned. The two of them end up onstage and interrupt the ballet by knocking over some scenery.

Belinda is SO FURIOUS with Ned for ruining her show that she dumps him right then and there. Ouch, harsh, Belinda! You shouldn't blame Ned for fighting a criminal! And besides, the show lasted for less than five minutes; you can easily restart from the beginning again.

Meanwhile, Nancy and Katya have a karate / ballet fight. I am not making this up. Nancy fights with karate moves, while Katya fights with ballet moves. Of course, Nancy wins.

Brad arrives, with the police. He called them to help protect Nancy, as soon as he saw the fights break out. Brad tells Nancy that contacting the police is what she should have done in the first place. Nancy then decides to break up with Brad, because their relationship is obviously not going to work.

I don't believe this, Nancy! You dumped your boyfriend for being worried about your safety? He has a legitimate point! There was a six-hour gap between Katya's confession and the ending scene. You had plenty of time to have Katya arrested!

Well, now that Nancy and Ned are single again, they make dinner plans, to celebrate a mystery solved. Ned kisses her on the cheek, and Nancy hopes they can be a couple again.

The end.


Post-Book Followup.

This book is bad, and as I said earlier, it pretty much falls apart halfway through. The culprit's plan makes no sense, and it has obvious holes in it, just so Nancy can figure out who the culprit is. In real life, the police would have caught the culprit immediately.

The romance drama in this book is a mixture of good and bad. I liked the scenes with Ned, and I liked the scenes with Belinda. But Nancy's new boyfriend, Brad? What was THAT all about? The book would honestly be better, without Nancy dating a guy she hates for no reason. He's absent for most of the book, so removing him from the story wouldn't make that much of a difference.

It's a disappointment that Nancy and Ned both find new partners, offscreen. The readers are told "Nancy has a new boyfriend now", without any explanation as to who the boyfriend is or how they started dating. That's a real letdown; I would have preferred an explanation. Nancy cheated on Ned with a couple of guys in previous books; it would have been better if she went back to one of them, instead of dating some random guy we've never heard of before.

This is not the worst Nancy Drew book ever, but I find very little to recommend it. I give Nancy Drew Files, False Moves, a 2 out of 10.

Monday, July 21, 2014


The schedule for my YouTube Channel has been a little weird recently, so I figured I would let you readers pick what I upload next. Here are the various options:

  • Phoenix Wright 5, Case 4, Part 1
  • Phoenix Wright 5, Case 4 Part 2
  • Professor Layton 6, Chapter 2
  • Book Review for Baby-Sitters Club #2
  • Book Reviews for 4 Nancy Drew Notebooks (the series for 3rd graders)
  • Living Legends: Frozen Beauty (the fairy tale princess game that is a mix of Frozen and Snow White)
Just leave a comment here, saying which ones you're most interested in. I'll tally the scores later tonight, and start releasing them in order of most popular to least popular.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Big Hero 6

This year's Disney movie is called Big Hero 6. It's based on a Marvel license that I've never heard of.

From what I can tell, the plotline is "kids and marshmallow man have adventures". I don't care much for the typical movie trailer humor jokes--too much slapstick for my taste--but I suppose it seems interesting. Who wants to see this film?

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Angry Birds Epic

I have an update on Angry Birds Epic! I've come up with a new strategy and restarted the game.

The premium currency in the game is golden coins. You want to get them, so you can buy the top-level equipment. As a rough estimate, the "golden coins only" equipment is 40% better than the equipment you get normally.

The downside is that all the equipment you get is tied directly to the level you're at, when you receive it. In other words, whenever you level up, your equipment becomes outdated. All level-ups are 10% across the board, so equipment doesn't become outdated too quickly, but still. Unless you're at the maximum level, 25, it's somewhat pointless to get the best equipment.

To get the premium currency, you either have to pay real money or win a daily battle.

My new strategy is to not progress through the game. I stopped as soon as possible, and now the only thing I do is fight the daily battle. Since I'm at the very beginning of the game, the daily battle is ridiculously easy. After all, I only have one character, who can't do any moves besides "attack".

I'll keep this up, until I get, I dunno, 300 gold coins or something. Then I'll go back to playing the game like normal.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Senate Vote

In the news this week, the Hobby Lobby case returned!

The Senate voted on a bill, which would have overridden the Supreme Court's decision concerning Hobby Lobby, by requiring all for-profit business to provide all 20 types of contraceptives. (The Supreme Court case ruled that Hobby Lobby only had to provide 16 types, due to religious objections against four of them).

The vote failed, by four votes. There were only four senators who did not vote along party lines. Three of them were Republican, while the other was the majority leader Harry Reid. I wonder why he voted against his own party's bill.

Political analysts believe the bill failed, because both parties are gridlocked against each other, and it's near impossible to pass any bills whatsoever because it went too far beyond its scope. That is, the Hobby Lobby case was about contraceptives coverage, but the proposed bill went beyond that and dealt with abortion coverage, too. Other analysts are saying the bill failed, because it didn't have the support of the leading Democrat.

People have been vocal on Twitter about the topic, using the slogan "not my boss's business". The argument is that birth control is a private matter, between a woman and her doctor. Her employer should have no say in the matter whatsoever. But if it's not her boss' business, why should her boss pay for it? Usually, when someone is financially responsible for something, they feel like they deserve to dictate what it's like. I can remember many times when my parents overrode my preferences, on the grounds that they were paying for something, so they had final control over it.

Maybe there can be a different middleman between people and their health care, besides employers. There are many people like me, whose employers have chosen not to provide health care, based on the type of work I do. If I had a choice between "no health care at all" and "health care which does not provide full contraceptive access", I'd take the latter.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

High School Musical 2

I recently rewatched High School Musical 2. I had forgotten that the movie ends with the villains being redeemed and becoming friends with everyone else, because the third movie pretends that didn't happen. They go right back to being villains. This is especially unfortunate for the male villain, because he had decided to stand up for himself and never be bossed around again. He instantly goes back to doing whatever his sister says.

I also forgot that there are some half-flirty scenes between the male villain and the hero's girlfriend. Why didn't they develop that into a subplot? It had the potential to be more interesting than half the movie.

In case you were wondering, the baseball song is still awful. Whoever choreographed the song clearly has no idea how baseball works. Players don't hold baseball bats like that, no player would bunt with the bases loaded, and the "home run hit" was really an easy infield out. Sure, it's technically possible those plays worked the way the dance number showed, but that would require multiple errors from the team on the field.

Zac Efron has Justin Bieber hair throughout the entire movie, which is interesting, because the High School Musical series predates Justin's career. My YouTube channel does, too. Gosh, High School Musical and I are older than I thought...

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Party Conversations

I went to a party the other day, and I felt extremely out of place because the conversations revolved around things I know nothing about. These included:
  • Mechanical engineering. I'm sure what they are building is interesting, but debating which type of cooling tube is best goes way beyond my skill set.
  • HR Departments. I have never worked at a business big enough to have an HR department. I've only encountered the manager-type person, who doubles as HR whenever necessary.
  • Farming and irrigation systems. Apparently, pistachios require a lot less water to grow than oranges do. Fun fact of the day.
  • Building your own gun. Those wacky mechanical engineers, always building things which will probably kill people! I've never actually seen a gun in person.
  • Sermons. People started making jokes about priests, and how they always give long, boring sermons. I wisely decided to keep my mouth shut, since I've given about 50 sermons, most of them confined to a 300-word limit.
  • Class-C Licenses for Non-Profits. Okay, IRS people, now you're trying to prevent other people from joining the conversation.
did manage to hold my own at the start of the party, when the conversation was about baseball. That was basically the only conversation I was able to contribute to.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Celebrity Voice Actors

Disney recently announced the voices for its animated movie this year. They are mostly comedians I don't know about, from TV shows I don't know about.

Not to be a jerk, but I don't think I've ever been excited to find out that a particular celebrity is doing a voice for a children's movie. I suspect the target audience of five-year-olds doesn't care much, either. People make the argument that "parents who want to take their little kids to movies appreciate having celebrities do voices", but that seems like an invalid argument. If you are a parent who wants to take your little kid to the movies, the animated movie is more or less your only option, no matter who's doing the voices.

I dunno. There are some celebrities who are legitimately good at non-visual acting, but most don't seem to take it seriously. I've definitely seen movies where it feels like the majority of the dialogue was recorded on the first take. As in, the table read first take. With that sort of quality, I hope the studios are paying the celebrity voice actors by the hour, not by the movie!

Monday, July 14, 2014

BSC #1: Kristy's Great Idea

People requested it, so here's a review of the first Baby-Sitters Club Book:

I picked up a copy of the visual novel version, for review purposes, but it is almost literally the exact same as the book. None of the dialogue was changed at all. They removed one or two scenes, like the one that explains that the title "Baby-Sitters Club" desperately needs an apostrophe, but that's about it.

I kinda liked the visual novel better. Kristy was less of a self-centered jerk in the visual novel, because you got to see her do things, not just monologue about doing things.

Sunday, July 13, 2014


It has come to my attention that all the eBooks that I edited in college give out a link to my old e-mail address. The e-mail address doesn't work anymore, and I'm not sure what to do.

I probably can't call Comcast and tell them, "Hey, keep this particular address blocked out forever, so no one can steal it and imitate me". Likewise, I probably can't call the eBook publishers and tell them, "Hey, recall every copy of the book and remove one line from them". apologies to any eBook fans who have tried to email me!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Josie 7 - The Mini-Man Menace

Episode 7 of Josie and the Pussycats in Outer Space (AKA "Discount Version of Star Trek")is called "The Mini-Man Menace". The premise is that our heroes are captured by a tiny alien named Midgeco. Midgeco is planning on taking over the Earth, with his robot army.

The episode plays out almost exactly like Episode 8. There is a chase sequence, and our heroes are captured. They do a musical number, and they reprogram a robot to help them. There is an escape/chase sequence, and they manage to capture the villain of the week. As usual, the spaceship is reprogrammed to reach Earth, but Alexandra accidentally messes it up, and our heroes remain lost in space.

I didn't like the story or the villain in the episode. The aliens weren't very interesting at all. However, the animation was better than usual. Clearly, this was an episode done by the good storyboarder. You can tell by the fact that the characters are drawn from more than one angle. You can even see the backs of their heads, at one point! That is high-quality material, which rarely happened in the comic strip I drew in college.

Friday, July 11, 2014


I made myself a Backloggery to keep track of games I haven't finished yet.

The problem is that I have a lot of games to keep track of, so entering them all into the computer is going to take a while. I only entered my iPad games and the games that are physically here, in the room with me.

On a side note, I remembered why I dislike Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions, which I believe is the first game in the series. I got stuck in a multi-wave battle, going up against overpowered enemies. The villains were all five levels higher than my characters, and it was impossible for me to level up, since all random battles were removed at that point. Winning the battle was out of the question, unless I got several lucky critical hits.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Games to Play

I moved recently, and I had to pack up all my videogames. I was going to post a list of every game I have, so you readers could vote on which games you want to see me play! Sadly, I forgot to do so.

You readers can still vote on which games you want to see me play, right? Give me some game suggestions! I've only got 16 different game demos on my computer now, which is clearly not enough.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Here is the upcoming schedule for my channel, as of now:
  • Nancy Drew TV Show Reviews
  • Lost Lands: Dark Overlord
  • Phoenix Wright Case 4, Section 1
  • Nancy Drew Notebooks Reviews
  • Nancy Drew: Shattered Medallion: Awards Video
  • Nancy Drew: Shattered Medallion: Review
  • Professor Layton Chapter 2
After this, I'll probably go back and forth between Professor Layton and Phoenix Wright, until they're done. I'll also slip in other videogames occasionally, because recording 3DS games is frustrating.

I also have book reviews that I'm working on, in the background. Currently, I'm working on a Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys Supermystery and The Baby-Sitters Club. I will eventually set up a poll, to decide which book series I should review, rather than me picking at random.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

More on Birth Control

Today, I figured I'd keep talking about the birth control topic that came up last week.

The commenters seem to prefer the strategy of "birth control coverage is mandatory, and if you don't want it, you don't have to use it". I don't think that's what people are debating. The question is not "whether you have to use it". People are debating the fact that it's mandatory to begin with.

It's like going to Burger King and getting pickles on my whopper. Sure, technically the pickles are optional, because I can get a whopper without them. But I still have to pay full price for the whopper! Why should I pay extra, for pickles that I am never going to use? If other people want pickles, they should pay for them, not me!

...That's a dumb analogy, I'm sorry. Let me try again.

I think people are still stuck on the debate of "is birth control good or bad?". They should resolve that first, before moving on to the debate of "is Obamacare's implementation of birth control good or bad?".

So far, the birth control debate has proven to be a complicated one. I dislike how the media handled the Hobby Lobby case, because they tried to make it seem like "all men hate birth control, but all women like it". I don't think gender stereotyping is the way to resolve the issue.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Awakening 4

I did a video walkthrough of Awakening 4: The Skyward Castle. YourGibs, another Youtuber, helped me with the commentary for this one.

You can see the rest of the videos here.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Josie - Episode 8

Episode 8 of Josie and the Pussycats in the Outer Space--you thought I stopped reviewing this show, didn't you? You were mistaken.--is called The Space Pirates. It is a very straightforward episode, where our heroes' ship is attacked by space pirates. ROBOT space pirates. The robots use a freezing ray on the spaceship and a freezing ray on our heroes.

It turns out that the robots are controlled by Captain Braggo, and this was a test run for the freeze ray. Now that he knows it works, he will send his robot pirates to conquer the universe! Only Captain Kirk can stop this guy, but since Kirk is somewhere else right now, Josie and her friends will have to do.

As they do in pretty much every episode, our heroes put on a musical number with recycled footage, in order to distract the guards. For once, this plan does not work. I was amused by the complete and utter failure of the random musical number. I thought those always worked in Saturday Morning Cartoons!

Scotty, I mean, Valerie, uses her technological knowledge to reprogram one of the robots. The robot helps them. They get robot outfits in the robot-making factory and launch a surprise attack on Braggo. Melody gets her hands on the freezing ray, but she completely messes up and freezes all of her friends, one by one. That was a funny scene, in concept, but it ended up being somewhat bland in its execution.

Literally three minutes later, our heroes have take two! While Braggo tries to escape, they freeze Braggo and his robot pirate army. The reprogrammed robot is put in charge of the planet, while Braggo is presumably thrown in jail. Even though a freeze ray would be incredibly useful, Valerie throws it away because it's "too dangerous".

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Desktop Backgrounds

Hey, I'm still having problems with my desktop backgrounds! The standard options don't seem to work.
  • Fill: If the picture is larger than the screen, it is cropped/shrunk until it is the size of the background.
  • Fit: The picture is fit to the screen size.
  • Stretch: The picture is stretched to fit the screen. How is this at all different than the previous option?
These options look great, with normal digital pictures. But I have pictures that are not thousands of pixels wide. I also have pictures that are *gasp!* vertically oriented! These pictures look awful when the computer zooms in on them so much that they fill the screen.

Is there an option which is simply "shrink the picture to fit the screen, if necessary"? I am trying to remember what I did on my older computer.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Hobby Lobby

In the news this week, the Supreme Court made a decision on the Hobby Lobby case. Hobby Lobby is a company that asked for an exemption for providing abortifacients to its employees, as part of their health care plan. The exemption was granted to them, on the grounds that they have religious/ethical objections to abortifacients.

Abortifacients are a type of birth control, but it should be noted that Hobby Lobby is not opposed to birth control in general. Their health care plan still provides 16 types of birth control to their employees.

This is a dilemma that is basically impossible to avoid. When the laws say birth control coverage is mandatory, the pro-life people get upset. When the laws say birth control coverage is optional, the pro-choice people get upset. And if an employer and their employees are on different sides of the debate, conflict over the health care plans is inevitable.

Do any of you readers have suggestions, on how to peacefully resolve the issue? Right now, both sides are going for the extremes of "mandatory birth control coverage" and "no birth control coverage". Hobby Lobby providing 80% birth control coverage seems to make both sides unhappy.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Three Things Thursday

1. A new walkthrough goes up today! I teamed up with YourGibs to record Awakening: The Skyward Castle, the fourth game in the Awakening series! After this, you can expect to see reviews for the 1995 Nancy Drew TV show and a walkthrough for Lost Lands: Dark Overlord

2. After reading four of the Nancy Drew Notebooks--the series made for third graders--I have figured out the formula. The culprit is always the first person Nancy meets. Now I can save myself time by only reading the first and last chapters of those books.

3. Alison Sweeney (who plays Sami Brady) is leaving Days of our Lives this year. She has been on the show ever since 1993, which means she played the role for 21 uninterrupted years. She started at age 16.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Now that Facebook has the "acquaintances" feature, I'm more comfortable with adding complete strangers as friends. I can easily exclude them from anything I want to post.

But sometimes these new friends want to Facebook chat with me. I have an unofficial rule on that. If I've never met you, and you try to chat me up five times a day, you get dropped. Fair enough, right?

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Scooby Doo Backgrounds

This is a cool site someone shared with me! It's a bunch of backgrounds from the original Scooby Doo TV show. They look so good without cheaply-animated characters pasted onto them!

I'd like to use some of these as the background to my computer. In fact, I have a problem with desktop backgounds. Maybe one of you can help? I have a lot of pictures, and I want my computer to randomly cycle through them as the background picture. I've been doing that for years; I like having a different background pop up every time I start the computer.

The problem is I can't get it to work with Windows 7. My pictures are all different sizes, which screws everything up. The pictures that are larger than my computer screen refuse to shrink down, and all I see is the upper/left corner of those pictures. If I select one of the "make the picture the size of the screen" options, this causes all of my smaller pictures to be blown up to fit the screen. Not only does that result in some hideously blurry photos, but it makes most of the comic strips unreadable. Is there a way to shrink down the larger pictures, without blowing up the smaller pictures? I could manually go through every picture I have and make them 700 pixels tall, maximum, but that is a huge pain, and I would rather not do that.