Saturday, June 28, 2014

Saved You a Click

I like this Twitter: Saved You A Click. It takes clickbait headlines, and spoils them for you.

You know, those awful "news" articles with purposefully-misleading headlines? Half of them force you to wade through a wall of boring text to get to the part that's actually important. The other half are non-news stories, where they try to make you think something happened when it didn't.

For example, "Are They Making a Nancy Drew Movie?". They're not. Quit trying to trick me into visiting your website with non-news.


Katie said...

You won't believe what happened to this woman who was washing her car! What she saw next is unbelievable! Click to find out what happened, you won't believe your eyes!

Anonymous said...

Yep I hate those too. It's called link bait. Basically Yahoo or Buzzfeed. :P

Anonymous said...

And that's the problem with the news today.

Anonymous said...

I always encounter this when I visit CNN, BBC News, The Washington Post, and Slate. And thus, I end up opening these stories on multiple tabs and getting scolded for doing that.