Monday, June 16, 2014

Random iOS Games

I figured I would try out some free iOS games the other day.

Addictive Tripeaks is an okay card game, and the best part is probably the fancy backgrounds. I would probably not recommend it, over the free version that the game's inventor has put out. This version has some unnecessary features, like levels and EXP (for a solitaire game?). It also has a "you can only play ten games" limit, in hopes that you will pay money to unlock the "play thirty games" feature. Other standard features, like "undo" and "remove any card" are similarly limited, so you will pay for them.

As You Like is a visual novel. The menus and title screen are all in English, while the rest of the game is in Japanese. It appears to be about a girl with large eyes and pink hair.

Bank Bully is a game where you swipe the screen, in order to throw an ashtray at a banker. Your goal is to hit him many times in a row. That's all. You swipe the screen over and over again.

Bingo-- takes place on a bingo board, but it is not bingo. Instead, it is a game that teaches single-digit addition. I guess it's a clever combination of bingo and math, but I'd rather play normal bingo. Also, I find it a bit odd that there are two hyphens included in the game's title.


Shainnen Somerville said...

Do you think maybe one day in the future you will ever do a walk through or a first impression for Nancy Drew: Ghost of Thornton Hall for the iOS platform? Just to see what your opinions are? If it's actually more fun to play on an iPad, rather than a desktop :)

Katie Nelson said...

Lol it seems a lot of the free iOS games aren't very good. Btw, I randomly want to say, I read The Awesomely Awesome Arglefumph's Awesomely Awesome Blog when I'm downloading ND games XD. ND + ND = AWESOMENESS OVERLOAD!!!! :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD