Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Nancy Drew: The Final Scene

I've been working on a speedrun for Nancy Drew: The Final Scene. I found an interesting trick, which is probably completely useless.

You are supposed to start the game by finding the hidden passageway inside Brady's room. This is important. If you do not go through the hidden passageway, Joseph and Nicholas do not appear, and you get stuck.

Here's the trick I found. Nicholas automatically appears in the lobby, when you find the letter about Houdini. This means you can skip finding the hidden passageway! Just ignore the hidden passageway, and go straight to finding the Houdini letter. The game proceeds as if you did find the passageway.

It's a nice trick, but the problem is that Joseph won't appear in his area. Also, the door to Simone's room will remain locked. So you're still stuck, if you don't find the hidden passageway. But hey, it's cool that I found an alternate way to make Nicholas appear in the lobby.


Cecilé said...

Are you going to try and beat the 38mins record which you mentioned on the Nancy Drew marathon?

Michael Gray said...

I discovered two or three tricks, and I think I can beat the game in under 30 minutes.