Monday, June 2, 2014

Month of Mary

I'm continuing my recap of a book of daily reflections about the Virgin Mary that I've been editing this month.

Day Twenty-Five is about Jesus' death on the cross. In the Gospel of John, the Virgin Mary symbolically becomes the mother of all Christians. This is the main Biblical source for treating Mary as a mother who has spiritually adopted us.

Day Twenty-Six is about the Virgin Mary after Jesus' death. She worked with the apostles, and she helped overcome the first heresy (the one that said Jesus' body was human in appearance only). She died peacefully at the age of 63.

Day Twenty-Seven is about Pentecost. This occurred when everyone was gathered together and praying in the presence of Mary. May we also learn to pray with Mary, because her prayers for us are most effective, and the Holy Spirit is pleased to aid those who are close to his heavenly spouse.

Day Twenty-Eight is about the death of the Virgin Mary. We can say that she died from Holy Love, as she did not die from a result of sin, because she never sinned. She died in her sleep; the death was painless and quick.

Day Twenty-Nine continues speaking of Holy Love. Simeon prophesied to Mary that "a sword will pierce your heart"; this was fulfilled when she saw the brutal death of her son. Her soul was wounded by these events, because love causes us to feel the afflictions of those we love. Saint Paul speaks of being deeply united with Christ, and we can apply these words even more to the Virgin Mary, who knew Christ his entire life.

Day Thirty is about the peacefulness of Mary's death. Love, like rivers, are naturally calm, tranquil and peaceful; they only become violent when there is some opposition. Mary had no opposition to divine love, and therefore, it continually increased in her with the greatest calm and sweetness.

Day Thirty-One is about the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, which is when she entered Heaven. "O incomprehensible joy! festival of wonders! . . . The entrance of the Most Blessed Virgin into heaven was the most magnificent that ever could or can be witnessed after that of Jesus Christ."

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