Sunday, June 8, 2014

Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds (3DS)

I'm playing the 3DS Zelda game for the first time. I just reached the "halfway" point of the game (section 4 of 12). So far, I'd say the game is okay. I dislike the original SNES game, and I'm sure if I was a fan of the original, I would be dancing for joy at how great this remake is.

And it is a good remake. I wish they did a remake like this for Ocarina of Time 3DS, instead of the lazy "we're just updating the graphics and doing nothing else" remake we got.

The first few hours were a lot of fun. I enjoy wandering around and going everywhere, and the 3D "climb along walls" gimmick is excellent. I like the villain, but I feel that the storyline is leaving things out. For example, the villain has abducted eight people. Five of them are unnamed characters that have never been seen before. That seems like a huge missed opportunity, but perhaps we'll learn who these characters are in the second half of the game.

The concept behind Dungeons 2 and 3 is "you can go through the dungeons in either order", which is a first for the series. The way they did this was by making them both one-item dungeons. That is, every single puzzle in the dungeon focuses on one item (because you might not have done the other dungeon yet, and gotten the other item). It gets a little repetitive to have the same basic puzzle appear over and over again. It was borderline boring for me, since I didn't like the item in Dungeon 3.

Overall, it's been a fun game, and I want to keep playing. I'm a bit worried that more gimmick dungeons await me, but I'll see what the dungeons are like when I get to them.

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