Friday, June 6, 2014


In the news this week, some counties voted on whether or not to join the proposed state of Jefferson. Jefferson will be made up of Northern California and Southern Oregon. The Californians are more enthusiastic about it than the Oregonians are.

In 2013, the Board of Supervisors in Siskiyou, Glenn and Modoc Counties all approved measures to secede from California and form Jefferson. Yuba County did the same thing in 2014. This week, the opportunity to join Jefferson State was on the ballot in Del Norte and Temaha Counties. It passed in Temaha, with 56% of the votes. It failed in Del Norte, with only 41% of the votes.

California Governor Jerry Brown has said that he is officially against the movement to break California into two states. The area in question makes up about 30% of California (it's hard to do the math accurately here, because the proposed state contains part of Oregon), and it has 1% of California's voting power. That's right; they have one senator who covers 11 different counties.

I'm told that seven counties in total are voting on the issue this year, but the news people did not name any of them besides Butte County (which has midterm elections next week). In general, it seems that most news people have been doing a poor job of covering the story, because when they see the word "secession", they think of the Civil War.


Lynn said...

Very interesting, however I'm not in favor. It sets a bad president. The fifty states should stay as they are.

Koneko_Neko said...

California is probably one of the most diverse states. Personally I have felt states that big (including Texas for instance) should have been split decades ago. Of course I have no say for it because I do not live there,... I know my family in Southern California supports something like this for themselves. I do not even see it happening for them though...