Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Game Reviews

Q: Do you write reviews of the Nancy Drew (or any other)games that you do walkthroughs for?

A: I don't usually write Nancy Drew game reviews, because I'm afraid of upsetting Nancy Drew fans. I know I disappoint a lot of people when I say things like, "I dislike Secret of Shadow Ranch. It's not fun, you do too many pointless chores, and Dave Gregory is kind of a bland character."

With Nancy Drew: The Shattered Medallion, most of the complaints are about the mystery. That is, people dislike the game, because they feel like there isn't much of a mystery to it. My honest response is, "I don't care about the mystery." I like George, but I had almost no interest in solving the mystery of who broke her leg. I was having too much fun solving challenges and competing in the TV show! Sorry, George, but your problems can wait until after I win Pacific Run.

At the end of the game, when the culprit was revealed, I had kind of forgotten that there was a mystery to solve. The culprit revelation was a little odd, actually. Maybe I missed something somewhere, because I didn't quite understand what the culprit's motive was. The culprit claims the motive is for revenge, but revenge for what? Nancy didn't really do anything to betray you, culprit!


Stephanie said...

Thanks Michael.
I love Nancy Drew games - but - (there's always a but isn't there?) the storyline with Bess and her whining about Sonny was cringe worthy. What was the point?
While I likes the games and puzzles, I was hoping for more interaction with the other players. It would've been fun to have a couple of competitions with them involved.
I didn't understand the comics and/or the clues that they contained. That's probably just me though.
Why weren't there any Koko Kringle bars?
I'd give the game a 3 out of 5.

Elentarien said...

I'll admit, I had a lot of fun with the game as well. But, yeah, story-wise, it was really quite weak. I know after that odd 'culprit reveal', I made a point *NOT* to ally with anyone. Not that you had a huge choice. But I simply did not ever choose the 'ok, lets do this' topic. I left it alone - and the game STILL went on exactly the same as if you had.

The only 'betrayal' I could think of happening was that Nancy won when the culprit want to win. Um. Sorry, but thats *not* a betrayal - especially when an alliance was not agreed to. (And even if it was, it was clearly understood there could only be one winner, so the alliance had to separate at one time or another. Sorry, culprit, but may you betrayed Nancy!! Did you ever think of that?! *ahem* So, yeah, I found that really weird too.

No, the game itself was fun. Some of the challenges were really hard - and the clues were not always clear, but the game was fun. The story just lacked lots.

Cecile said...

For me, the game itself really isn't a problem. What made me slightly upset was Sonny Joon's personality. If you remember in the earlier games, his doodles always showcase him to be a very fun and bubbly person. In this game however, Sonny's personality kinda got lost because of his "mission". He was a bit more on the serious side even though there were some moments that showed the lighthearted side of him. I just wished that Nancy had met him under better circumstances where he did not have any personal desires to fulfill. Perhaps, we might have gotten to see the "real" Sonny Joon. Please bear in mind that its my opinion and each person is entitled to their own.

GameOverTown said...

I'm still waiting for my preorder :(

Katie Nelson said...

LOL...THAT WOULD BE MY EXACT ANSWER!!! ("'I don't care about the mystery.'") Also, I was confused about the culprit thing too, but anyways, I don't care about what the mystery is going to be like, I honestly just like to be a kid and enjoy the game. :D