Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Frozen - Men Saving Anna's Life

Wait, are people still saying that the moral of Frozen is "a girl doesn't need a man to save her"? That doesn't line up with these statistics:

Number of Times Anna is Saved by a Man
  1. Wolf chase scene
  2. Cliff jump scene
  3. Evil snowman attack
  4. Evil snowman attack #2
  5. Returning to the palace alive
  6. Fireplace scene
Number of Times Anna is NOT Saved by a Man
  1. The Ending
  2. ????
Heck, you could argue that the merchant guy saves Anna's life by selling her winter gear. And Prince Hans saves a lot of lives by passing out blankets and stuff.


GameOverTown said...

I still have not seen Frozen

Anonymous said...

Michael Gray if you love Frozen so much why don't you just marry it already.

Anonymous said...

I agree. It is so shallow for people to say it's about not needing a man. It has so many other morals but not that. Ugh. What I like about Anna is she is strong but is feminine and doesn't mind being saved by a man.

Lynn said...

So agree with you Michael. I Love this movie!

Lily said...

It's very true; haven't thought of it like that. And it's not like she wasn't looking for a man to save her either!

I think the movie would have been a lot stronger if Anna was a man and Kristoff was a girl.

Cody said...

^^^^^ That would be interesting

Miss. Cellaneous said...

I didn't take the moral as being that at all. To me, the moral was that love can remove fear, and there is more to love than just romance: there's also familial love. I think it could also be argued that its moral could be don't let fear rule your life. Another one could be life is always better with someone by your side