Thursday, June 19, 2014

Captain America

Woah, hey, I saw Captain America the other day. This is unusual for me, because I never see superhero movies. The last one I saw was...2003? Like, ten years ago. Here are my thoughts:

  • Historical inaccuracies were everywhere.
  • Remember mutagen, the stuff that made the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles into superheroes? That's basically the same thing that made Captain America a superhero.
  • There were lots of cool fights. Captain America was creative, when thinking of new ways to beat people up.
  • The movie was less creative, with the "best friend" storyline. It was obvious that they only gave Captain America a best friend, so he could be sad when the friend died.
  • I think the general was the best actor out of all the main characters. It's too bad he got the most one-dimensional character in the group.
  • They distorted the color for the entire movie, because it takes place in the 1940's. That's a tad annoying.
  • Captain America's personality is kind of...bland. I understand that's the point--he's supposed to be a generic, all-American guy--but at least give him a hobby or something. Maybe he likes stamp collecting.
  • What is wrong with those army people? They have a superhero who can single-handedly win the war by himself, and they decide not to use him? A five-year-old can come up with a better war strategy than that!
The ending to the movie made no sense whatsoever. Captain America gets frozen in a block of ice, and he wakes up in the 2010's. He walks into Times Square, where a black guy with an eyepatch is mean to him. The end.


There is basically no closure for the characters or storylines that made up 99% of the movie. Presumably, everyone is dead now, and they will never appear again unless we have a time travel plotline. That's pretty lame. And who is Angry Black Guy? I'm sure it makes sense if you've seen The Avengers, but hey, I'm not watching that movie, I'm watching this one! If there are pre-requisites to understanding your movie, you should inform the audience about them ahead of time.


Shainnen Somerville said...

If your talking about you just seeing "The Winter Soldier" there's no closure to the movie because their in the process of filming the 3rd movie, which is says to be released on May 6, 2016 ;) It says it's supposed to leave off where Winter Soldier did. Oh, and you should see Avengers, because their release a second one, which is supposed to be released some time around May 1st, 2015.

Anonymous said...

Well, my family liked the movie. We liked it because it was patriotic. We liked it because it was a decently clean movie that you could sit down & watch together without cursing & adult scenes. It is increasing harder to find clean movies & we just do not want to put the trash in our minds that is out there in a lot of them anymore.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm kind of surprised you sound so negative about Captain America. I understand not being a big fan of superhero movies because I wasn't really much of one either, but I really am not sure where you're coming from with finding Steve Rogers bland or thinking Bucky was only made to die. Steve is my favorite Avenger because of his personality - loyal, focused, fighting not because he wanted to kill people, but because he wanted to stand up for what's right. And Bucky, the best friend, has a much, much bigger storyline than just dying so Steve can be sad, as is revealed in a different movie.

I'm sorry if this sounds ranting. And I realize you're not trying to step on toes; you're just giving your thoughts. But I feel like recommending that you watch the movie over again. It's how I understand all the political stuff that I missed the first time; maybe you'll understand some of the stuff you were complaining about too?