Friday, June 27, 2014

Angry Birds Epic

I just got addicted to Angry Birds Epic, an RPG game based on Angry Birds. It's a pretty good game. It's similar to older RPGs, in that your characters are limited to two possible moves, which are usually an attack-based and a defense-based move.

The thing I like the most is the rating system. After every battle, they give you a score, which is calculated by the amount of HP you have left over and adjusted by how tough the enemies are and how many turns you took. My mission is to get a three-star rating for every battle! Replaying the battles, in hopes of getting a higher score, has proven to be alternatingly fun and frustrating. Either way, I get more EXP, so it's all good.

I'm told that the game will get super difficult later on, in an attempt to get me to pay for healing items and better armor. Phooey!

Anyway, if I'm late with blog posts in the next few months, it's because I'm too busy playing Angry Birds. Sorry in advance.

Man, those Angry Birds people are so lucky! This is basically the only series (besides Mario) that is so successful that they can expand into basically any genre they want, and still make a profit. I know Angry Birds has gone into kart simulators, animation and crossovers; I can only guess sports games are in their future.

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Shainnen Somerville said...

Actually, Angry Birds is trying to expand their birds story line. In September, their releasing ANOTHER Angry Birds game called "Angry Birds: Stella", which is a story line based on the pink bird who forms bubbles. They live up in the jungle in a tree house and their introducing at least 6 new birds that have never been in the games. You should TOTALLY do the Angry Birds PC games walk throughs on YouTube! If you do, you are literally my God.