Friday, May 9, 2014

The Problem With Professional Sports

The problem with professional sports right now is that most of the teams are very, very good. That makes sports a little boring to watch.

In football or soccer, teams will have really good defense, which results in low-scoring games. Baseball is the same way; if one team is good, no one from the other team will get on base or score a run. But even though "no one gets any points" is a sign of a good team, viewers find it boring to watch scoreless games.

It seems like scoreless games happen more and more often today. In baseball, over a quarter of all the perfect games in history took place within the last five years. I wonder if we're headed for a dystopia, where every team is so good / equally matched that almost every game results in a draw.

Something similar seems be happening in the political sphere. The Democrats and Republicans are so good at blocking each other that fewer and fewer laws get passed each year. And both parties are so good at Presidential elections that they can focus on fewer or fewer states; by some counts, only eight of the fifty states matter in elections today. Are we headed for a dystopia where a Presidential election is decided by only one state?

Oh, wait, that already happened. Florida, 2000.

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Anonymous said...

Watch hockey! I'm not really keen on it but as far as I know scoreless games are rare there (and there's some fighting too). Another solution is to watch tennis or figure skating. Not really exciting, but spectacular