Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Silent Spy Train Trips

You have to take a number of train trips in Nancy Drew #29: The Silent Spy. Here's a list of all the necessary train trips.

Trips to Bearsden:
  1. To meet Moira
  2. To bring Moira food
  3. To get Kate's notebook from Moira
  4. To listen to the Jabberwocky record
  5. To get the ace, by pressing the music themes
Trips to Giffnock:
  1. To get the screwdriver (so you can do the dead drop)
Trips to Loch Lomond:
  1. To see the safehouse and thereby trigger a phone call from Ewan
  2. To get the archery bow
  3. To listen to the bug planted in Bridget's room
  4. To listen to the bug planted in Alec's bag
  5. To get the e-mail from Ewan, which lets you solve the bagpipe puzzle
  6. To solve the fireplace puzzle (after getting Kate's notebook from Moira)
  7. To open the canister (after getting the wheel)
  8. To warn the scientist
  9. To learn about Ewan's special coin

Unless I'm missing something, that's 15 trips in all! The good news is that you can combine multiple trips. For example, on my first trip to Loch Lomond, I usually open up the safehouse and play archery. My personal best is 10 trips, by combining Moira trips 3&4, then combining Loch Lomond trips 1&2, 3&5, 6&7 and 4&8.


Shainnen Somerville said...

That's insanely crazy for the amount of train trips you have to take! I can't imagine taking that many trips like that in real life. Especially if Nancy actually stayed in Scotland for only one day, 15 train trips in one day?!?! It wouldn't surprise me if Nancy hadn't solved the case due to exhaustion.

Anonymous said...

@Shainnen Somerville, you're right. I 've never thought about that... Poor Nancy, or maybe she's reviewing the case while she's on the train.

Katie Nelson said...

I've combined Moira Trips 4&5 and Loch Lomond Trips 1&2 and 3&4 before. I'm gonna try to do those to see what exactly I did, so by the time anyone reads this I should be finished lol. Also, off topic, I've actually finished the game using about 200 euros (that doesn't mean I didn't have some left over).