Thursday, May 1, 2014

San Jose Loses

As I mentioned last year, my favorite hockey team is the San Jose Sharks. That's mainly because when I was nine years old, I got to play at one of their games as the "in-between periods" entertainment. It's always fun when they bring out little kids to play for a bit during the break.

The Sharks are a pretty good team. They've made the playoffs ten seasons in a row, at this point. The problem is that they always lose in the playoffs. I still haven't decided what's worse: if they start losing right away, or if they play well for a while, then start losing.

They started off really well, this year. They scored 17 goals in the first three games! That's an average of 5 2/3 goals per game. If Blogger wasn't being a jerk right now, I'd share an awesome photo of me and my girlfriend at Game 2.

But after Game 3, they lost four games in a row and got kicked out of the playoffs. This is the third time in five seasons that they were ejected after a four game losing streak. In these four games, they scored 5 goals overall, for an average of 1 and 1/4 goals per game. You might have noticed that this is less than a quarter of their scoring average for the first three games. Oh, well. Maybe we'll win next year! Or at least, not lose horribly. I'll settle for not losing horribly.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry that your team never wins... :(

I have a question, do you ever get tired out of playing all these games? I mean, I couldn't play for more than an hour per every couple days. My mind would just drift onto doing something else. Your sense of dedication is very admirable, but do you ever just say 'enough'?