Monday, May 26, 2014

Nancy's Breakup

Okay, the Q&A on gay marriage is over now. Past experience has taught me that Q&As get super convoluted, if we stay on the same topic for over three days. Everyone ends up repeating themselves, and we get people who jump in on Day 3, who ask questions that were covered on Day 1.

I will stand by my conviction that marriage should be more than just attraction, emotions, or romantic attachment. My apologies to all Twilight fans.

On that note, I'm working on a little story about 1980's Nancy Drew. It takes place after Ned breaks up with Nancy, at the end of Book 8.


Beautiful teenage detective Nancy Drew was used to danger, mystery and intrigue, but she was not used to heartbreak. A fresh sob broke loose from her throat, as she hugged her friend tightly. "What am I going to do now, Bess?"

"You'll get through this, Nancy. You've been in tough situations before, right?"

Nancy nodded demurely. About once a month, Nancy was kidnapped or attacked by criminals. That was worse than losing a boyfriend, right?

WRONG! Ned was her entire life! True, she spent almost no time in River Heights with Ned, because she went on vacation every other week, but he still meant the world to her. She just didn't know how much he meant, until he was gone.

"I don't think I've ever felt this awful, ever," Nancy said. "I'm not you, Bess. I don't change boyfriends every other day. I need stability in my life."

Bess looked offended, and she was going to make a snide remark when someone knocked on the door. "Nancy, I just heard the news," a voice said. "Can I come in?"

It was George Fayne, Nancy's other friend. Bess told George she could enter, and George started when she saw Nancy's red face. "What's wrong?"

"Ned broke up with me!"

"He what?" George asked. "Ned Nickerson? Old Reliable? He broke up with you?!"

Nancy burst into tears. "George!" Bess said. "Be a little more compassionate!"

"I'm sorry," George said. "I heard you solved the basketball mystery. Hannah didn't mention...this." George sat down on Nancy's bed, next to the others. "Did Ned call it off because you cheated on him again?"

"What do you mean, again?" Nancy asked.

"Well, you did kiss that one cop in Fort Lauderdale..." George said.

"That was Spring Break! It meant nothing!" Nancy defended herself.

"You got all flirty with Mick Swanson when you worked for Flash Magazine," Bess pointed out.

"And everyone's seen the way you stare at Frank Hardy," George said.

"I did not cheat on Ned!" Nancy said indignantly. "This time, at least. He broke up with me, because I accused his best friend of murder!"

"Let me guess," George said. "You thought he was guilty, because he gets angry a lot."

"Angry and violent," Nancy corrected.

"Nancy, we've been over this before!" Bess said. "You can't accuse someone of murder based on personality type! You need to have circumstantial evidence first!"

"It's too late," Nancy said. "Why didn't I believe Ned, when he said his friend was innocent? Maybe then we would still be together...Maybe..."


Anonymous said...

Is this based off of the Nancy Drew Files? I have never read them but by your reviews, Nancy seems like a jerk. I understand why Ned would break up with her. :P Although I have never really liked Ned that much anyway.

Lily said...

It's so true; I didn't like that particular series.

Anonymous said...

Aww, you didn't like Ned, other Anon? And on a completely unrelated note, I just found out that your video walkthrough for the shattered Medallion is with LJ My favorite bloggers combined with my favorite game. :3

ArizonaLover101 said...

Wait, why would the voice (presumably George) say that she just heard the news then when she goes in the room ask what was wrong? If she says she had heard the news wouldn't she not need to ask what was wrong?

Cody said...

Good Point Arizona o~o

That horse is adorable o.o

Cody said...

Oh wait, no when she said "I heard the new" I think she was referring to Hannah telling her that Nancy solved the mystery...? Is that what it meant or am I dumb...

Anonymous said...

Nancy was a jerk no wonder Ned broke up with her. Looks like Nancy is better of with Frank Hardy