Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Nancy Drew Remembers (A Parody)

The other day, I tracked down Nancy Drew Remembers (A Parody), by Bobbie Ann Mason. It's a short story, contained in a collection entitled Murder For Love. An online version can be found here, although I suspect it's an illegal copy.

The premise of the story is fantastic. Nancy Drew is now 39 years old and basically retired from detective work. When her father dies, she decides it's a mystery she has to solve.

The problem is that the story comes very close to being an incoherent mess. It feels like the author tried the "write drunk, revise sober" strategy, but she accidentally sent the unrevised version to the publisher. Nancy goes off on a random tangent almost every other sentence, and the story is badly chopped up into unrelated sections. This makes following the story more difficult than it should be.

There are a few funny jokes, but nothing particularly strong. The only joke I remember is Adult Bess saying something like, "I'm sorry Nancy, but I can't help you with this mystery. I can't just drop everything and run off to another state, like I did when I was a teenager. I've got three kids now!"

Bess is married to Ned, which is an interesting decision. The story has a mysterious handsome stranger named Draco S. Wren (obvious anagram for Carson Drew), and his subplot is wrapped up in a most confusing and unsatisfying way. (Spoiler: Nancy is attracted to him because he looks just like her father, which is creepy. It turns out that he is Nancy's half-brother.) Nancy, lost in the memories of her golden years, doesn't seem to understand or care what's going on.

I was hoping this story would be good enough to do a video review for. It's not. Oh well. Maybe Judy Moody: Girl Detective or Baby-Sitters Club 5 will be worthwhile Nancy Drew-themed stories.

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Anonymous said...

This might sound petty, but I don't really like that Bess and Ned were married in the story. Although I can see them as friends, I can't really see them as a married couple. I think Nancy and Ned make a much better couple!