Monday, May 5, 2014

More Hockey

Reactions to the San Jose Sharks losing the playoffs were rather harsh. I saw a lot of people say things like "What a bunch of losers! Those guys are all worthless. They should fire the coach and the players!"

I don't think the entire team should be fired. They're a good team. They just always lose, during the playoffs. Even if this year's playoff run was a spectacular failure, they can at least feel a sense of accomplishment in making the playoffs ten years in a row.

I don't know how often coaches get fired in hockey. I know that coaches get fired very often in football. Only about 25% of football coaches keep their jobs for five years or more. Hopefully, most of the fired coaches get hired by other teams, because otherwise we're talking about extremely low job security. I'm sure coaches would prefer the kind of job security found in Washington D.C.; I'm told about 20% of Congress have had their current jobs for thirty-five years or more.

The other hockey team I'm following is the Portland Winterhawks, and they're in the final round of the playoffs. Their opponent is the Edmonton Oil Kings. Portland has won two games in the best-out-of-seven series, while Edmonton has won none. Portland is favored to win the series, because they did slightly better than Edmonton in the normal season, with four more wins overall. Portland beat Edmonton last year, but Edmonton beat Portland the year before that.

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