Thursday, May 29, 2014

Month of Mary

I'm continuing my recap of a book of daily reflections about the Virgin Mary.

Day Eighteen is about the Holy Family's flight into Egypt, which is an excellent example of having trust in God under difficult circumstances. It is also an example of perfect obedience to just authority, even if it displeasing to us.

Day Nineteen is the example of Mary's request, during the wedding feast at Cana. She did not pray with many words; she prayed with confidence, but not with presumption, in presenting the needs of the people to Jesus.

Day Twenty is about Jesus' response to Mary at Cana--"what does that matter to you and to me?"-- which was harsh. The harsh response in no way diminished her confidence. Like Mary, we should abandon ourselves unreservedly to God, instead of only serving God when it is pleasing to us.

Day Twenty-One is about Jesus' second response to Mary at Cana--"my hour hasn't come yet". But even though Jesus was not ready to begin his public ministry, Mary was able to hasten its coming by her lively faith.

Day Twenty-Two is about Jesus with Martha and Mary Magdalene. Like the Virgin Mary, Mary Magdalene had only one thought: to remain with Jesus and listen to his words. May we, like her, remain tranquil with God and live in peaceful solicitude.

Day Twenty-Three continues with Mary and Martha. Jesus did not reproach Martha for her good works, but he reproached her for working while disturbed and troubled about how much recognition she would receive. "Let your hearts be untroubled" as you do the work of God, and may you be indifferent as to how much recognition you acquire, because then you are working for your own self-aggrandizement, and not for God.

In Day Twenty-Four, St. Francis of Sales uses some flowery language while talking about the sleep of the Virgin Mary. Sleep refreshes the body, which is good, because we must love our bodies. Mary's body formed Jesus' body, which is why we can refer to her as the True Tabernacle, the Living Arc of the Covenant, the Throne of Divinity, etc.

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Mother Mary is an awesome queen. God bless you, Michael!:)